Tuesday, October 21, 2008

lonely or solitude???

Why this sometimes happen that even though you have loads of friends out there but no one is free to meet you. I dont know what has happened to me these days why am i soo frustrated and angry over everyone. Is it because of this loneliness i am facing? I am happy now but i somewhat missing my old days as well my old friends. Life is good now as well or rather perfect but some insecurities some changes in life is that i am not able to take, its those simple things in life those simple changes but its bothering me something has got into me... and i seriously need helppp!!!
Why everyone has to be in contact with me but have no time for me? Why everyone has to get busy with their boyfriends and girlfriends soo much that they have no time for their friends? what has so drastically changed? or is it just me who has changed? is it really me whoz wrong? i tried figuring this out a loads of time but just can't now friends its your time to help me out plzz!.
what is the matter with me?

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

boyfriend or boy who is a friend?

"A gal and a boy can never be friends", Its one of the old and most Clich├ęd sentence ever.Is this really true? I mean can't any girl and a boy be just friends and no love involved in it?. Is it necessary that the love factor has to come in? Is it nessary for atleast one of them to have a crush on the other person? Well as everyone else even i have my personal views on it. I say, why can't two people of opposite sex's be just friends and nothing more than that? Why people have to talk about your friendship behind their backs? Its just a normal thing, I mean to say its just a normal friendship which a girl has with other girl and boy with other boys. If two people of opposite sex's are happy and comfortable in eachother's company then why people have a problem with that. Don't a girl have a healthy relation with her brother who obviously is a boy.
If a sister can be close to her brother than why can't a girl be close to other guy? What is the harm? The harm is always there in the mind of people thinking of something like this, they are creating a misconception in their mind and make the others suffer.
I just hope as our soceity has changed soo much over years, even this should be changed as soon as possible.
And once again the same Question of if " A girl and a boy can be friends or not" remains unanswered. Like many other Question's which are debatable and unanswered till date.

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Dear boy

Dear boy,
I do not know who you are, or where or when we will meet, but I do hope it is soon. I pray that when we meet and fall in love you will love me, for me and not hope for someone who is thinner or prettier. I hope you wont compare me to girls who have brighter smiles. I hope that you will make me laugh, take care of me if I get sick, and be trustworthy.
I hope you will remember that I prefer daises to rose. And that my favorite color is white and not pink.
Please know that I might be too shy to kiss first, but please don’t be afraid to kiss me. I wont slap you or push you awa. I’m sure your kisses will be perfect. When we go on a date, please don’t stress about where to take me, what’s important is that I’ll be with you.
If I cry, please know that it isn’t because of you, just hold me close and I will heal quickly. And if it is because of you, I’ll heal just the same. And if we decide to breakup please understand that I maybe a bit rude, but I’d like to be your friend if you’ll let me. Promise to remember that you have feelings too, ever though you’ll never admit it, and when you are ready we’ll have friendship.
I hope I m not askin too much out of you…..i hope you understand that I m a bit too much. And if you think if I am acting a bit too much please let me know…..what I want is you to tell me that ‘I don’t care what kind of character you are or what kind of fool or a nutcase you are I don’t care if you’re the stupidest person alive on this earth , I love you for what you are and that is what matters’.

Your someone,