Tuesday, October 21, 2008

lonely or solitude???

Why this sometimes happen that even though you have loads of friends out there but no one is free to meet you. I dont know what has happened to me these days why am i soo frustrated and angry over everyone. Is it because of this loneliness i am facing? I am happy now but i somewhat missing my old days as well my old friends. Life is good now as well or rather perfect but some insecurities some changes in life is that i am not able to take, its those simple things in life those simple changes but its bothering me something has got into me... and i seriously need helppp!!!
Why everyone has to be in contact with me but have no time for me? Why everyone has to get busy with their boyfriends and girlfriends soo much that they have no time for their friends? what has so drastically changed? or is it just me who has changed? is it really me whoz wrong? i tried figuring this out a loads of time but just can't now friends its your time to help me out plzz!.
what is the matter with me?

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