Thursday, December 31, 2009

hmm.. just read :)

Hey fellow bloggers, first of all.. A VERY HAPPY NEW YEAR…  hope this new year brings all the luck and good will your way and make this year one of the most memorable years of your life.

And I would also love to mention that this is my 100th post of the year. Yes, I wrote 100 posts in a year *WOW!* ( I never thought ill do this )

And yes, I would like your opinion on my new background .. and how does the blog header look? I wanted to keep it this way for a long time, but I am dicey about how does it look… so I want your opinion guys..  

And ho yes.. my new year resolution is to loose weight. So people out there please please please please if you know any tips on how to loose weight. Then please please please please let me know J

Ill keep you all updated of how it is going :P

Love you all, have a great new year.

Wednesday, December 30, 2009


As I told you, that I had been to delhi. Well at first I was just so nervous about it. It was for the first time that I had to learn the dialogues in a day. So in the train I was just going through the dialogues again. And another friend of mine was reading a gujrati news paper. And there was a column in there where a story was written like in every issue a part of the story will be written. And the person who wrote that story was someone both of us knew.

As she finished the story, she said, “ wow, that was nice. Ill go home and ill call him to tell him that I loved his writing”.

I went back to mugging the dialogues, when I totally lost hope that I wont be able to mug them all in a day. My phone rang. It was the same guy who had wrote that story. And he has a special thing, he never says hi or  hello when you meet him he says “jeevan ma ghanu badhu che” ( there is a lot in life). He had called me to wish me luck for the show. But all I can remember from the conversation is one “jeevan ma ghanu badhu che”,

Its such a nice things to be optimistic in everything, and keeping that in mind I did my dialogues, I thought about it in positive way and I was able to do it.

It was like, I guy or rather I should say a man, who I know since childhood but meet rarely remembered to call me and wish me. And another thing he in a way helped me work with my dialogues.

Tuesday, December 29, 2009



Twilight is one thing a girl would die for. Can any girl resist a guy like Edward Cullen ever? I mean okay, I have heard guys saying its not worth the hype and stuff. And how can I actually fall in love with a vampire. But the truth is I am not in love with the vampire. I am actually in love with the vampire and the werewolf both. It’s the love they have for bella.

I was a bit late to start the twilight series. I thought it would be something like betraying my love for harry potter. But really,  harry potter is a different thing and twilight is a  different. And I am in love with both of them.

The love between the vampire and a human is so cute. And imagine sleeping in his arms every night is such a wonderful thing. The way he cares for bella, I am really very jealous of that. wish I had someone like that.

I am glad that I actually started the series, better late than never right? I am now half way through eclipse.. and I am loving it.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

DELHI ... I Am Coming!

 Hey guys I am going to delhi tomorrow evening. So will be away for a short period of time ie from 23rd dec 09 to 28th dec 09. will miss you all, and miss reading your posts the most.

Hope I have a great time there J

Buh bye!

PS – I am just so exicted about it. Tempreture there is around 7 degree something. Must be fun for a girl from Mumbai right?

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Change is Constant.

They say, the only thing constant in the world is change. I find it a bit of a cliché. But still it proved me wrong today. As I have told you in the earlier posts that I am a lot busy these days because of all the work pressure tomorrow I am going to surat ( gujrat, India) will be back day after tom early morning or maybe till afternoon. And today I had a day off. After a long time when today I finally had a break I decided to spend it well and relax the whole day, so I will be all fit and fine for tomorrows journey.

Oh well, have I told you.. I am taking tuitions, so I had to get up early as the students come in at 9 in the morning. So my wish to sleep till late in the afternoon never got fulfilled. Later I got a sms from a friend, he was calling me to hang out. so I buzzed another friend of mine asking him if he was free. ( my boyfriend got his exams, so I knew he wont come so didn’t cal him up, wish him luck J ) so we decided to go to candies, bandra .

After that, a friend buzzed me, well he is a long lost friend I remember talking to him once or twice in school. And after that he was just a friend on my friends list, with whom my interactions were limited to just “hi, wats up? Oh yeah good. Hey ill see you later.” He buzzed me on gmail and asked, “why is my id ( well people I wont let my id out here in public, so lets say he asked why my id was XYZ) XYZ?” , I went like.. what are you talking about. Well then I told him that I had made this id back in school when I was very young and since most of my friends know this id, I don’t intend to change it, no matter how stupid it sounds.
“ well wont it sound better if it’s the other way round like ZYX??”, he asked me.

“yeah right, ill think about that”, I said rolling up my eyes.

Later then, I went to candies. Had a lovely time there, and people if you ever go there please try cold coffee in there. Its just AWESOME! 

I called him ( boyfriend ) up from there, telling him about my whereabouts. And then after we left from candies, I went to my friends place. We were talking just in general about future and stuff. And I called him ( boyfriend) up asking if he was free, so he can come over to his place as he lives just in the next lane.

“hey, where are you? We are talking something serious in here, like nothing serious seriouns, but still if you free come over”, I said.
“what are you guys talking about, tell me now”, he said.
“well it will take time now, ill tell you later, ill call you in sometime”, I told him

He called me back in 5minutes, and got angry on me on god knows what reason and then before I could explain anything to him, he was already saying stuffs. And I cant take it when people talk to me in loud voice. Especially not when I am not wrong. It went on for quite a long time. And then it ended up when I told him my side of the story and then he said sorry, I don’t understand why cant he here what I am telling first and then open his mouth?
He made me cry and everything, just by talking on phone.
Later when things were sorted I returened home. Logged in on gtalk. And there was a add reques with the id ZYX AT gmail DOTcom. It made laugh I was light headed in a second. I buzzed that old fried of mine (and I am talk to him now as well.. he is telling me about hamburgers :P )

And then later I realized that I am sick. I have got cough and cold. And now I am worried about tomorrow how am I to travel in such a condition? Hope I get well by tomorrow morning.
By the way, if I review my day now. It started off sad, cause I had to get up early, then it was fun cause I was out. and then it was again sad cause of the fight with him then it was fun cause of the id that friend of mine made for me, and now its sad again cause I am sick. Hope tomorrow morning start off with the fun mode. 

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

~ This And That ~

Hey people. It’s a long time since I have posted anything, well its just that i am busy. Working with people who are your friends first and then collogues is a different thing. The people I am working with are the same people who I have grown up with. Who have seen me grow up and seen me though all the thick and thin.

Yesterday was a much needed break. And I spent it well doing al those things which I wanted to do. I wanted to buy new earphones for my cell and buy eclipse and breaking dawn. So yesterday I went around shopping for these things.  These days that I have been away. I met loads of new people and heard stories from others.

Some people are so friendly and so helpful eventhough we mean nothing to them and they mean nothing to us. Like we know that we wont meet ever again in our life and still they help us. Sometimes when I think about it. It just touches me deep down.

I am glad that I am with my friends at work as well. And though we get tired like hell, we enjoy it a lot. Like the day before yesterdays incident. We had to go to kalyan. So I had to leave from here at around 3pm. And by the time we returned home it was 3 in the night. And obviously I cant roam around that late at night for taxi’s to take me home. So I went to my friends place. It was fun as we sortof had a night out. but we slept the moment we reached the bed. So we slept at 4 and I got up at 6. as I had to come back home. And yesterday I was away shopping for books and stuff. So in two days I had slept for 2 hours wow! Now that’s a achievement for me. Cuase I thought sleep is my weakness, but I am glad to say it is not.

And oh yes, I saw new moon yesterday… AWESOME!
I am reading eclipse now J

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Me And Him

PS – this post is going to be about me and my boyfriend ( the samething which every couple feels, that they are the most cutest couple )

I saw “up” today, and I would say it is one of the best animated movies I have ever seen. The love was so visible even when in half of the movie the love of his life is dead. The way he does everything that he could do to make her dream come true is something I would die for. And the way they decorate their own house. I have decided I am going to colour my own house. Everything in my house will be done by me. Atleast those things which I can do J

I was reading new moon today, the part where they breakup and all. Well me and my boyfriend have broken up like zillion times in past one and a half year. But every time we breakup it’s the same feeling of numbness, same mental pain which is written in the book. No I am not telling you how I am related to miss. Bella swan. But I am just trying to tell you the emotions wrote in there are just perfect.

It’s over a year of being committed and 2 years knowing each other but still if I don’t talk to him for a day. Why do I get so restless? If I am angry and when he doesn’t come to make me cool down why do I get more angry and say I want to breakup you don’t care for me and stuff. When I know I can’t live without him and he can’t live without me and we are going to patch up back in 45mins. Yeah! That’s right, our breakup lasts for 45minutes :D

They say, that love dies out as time passes, well its 1 and half year here. And still I don’t think there is any love lost * touch wood *

It was some days back that I asked him, that if I die what will he do. He said he doesn’t even want to think about it. And then he said, “ you’ll die with me, we both will Buddha buddhis, doing everything slowly and then one day one of us will die”, you know what, I don’t want to die after him. Cause the day he will leave me I won’t be able to live second after that. I wound be glad if we both die together.

Hmm..there is still a lot of time to die and all. As of now I want to spend my days with him. And then I hope that we won’t even realize when it will be time for us to get married. Wow! That will be one hell of a day when our parents will officially start talking about our marriage. Meeting his mom like her future daughter in law is weird. I have met her like zillion time, but trust me I have not talked more that 50words with her.

Well you know what; I just want to get married this very moment. And head down for honey moon. And then return back home and then start the routine of making his morning tea then getting him ready for work. That will just perfect.

Hope this day comes ASAP. i seriously want to get married before 28 :D so still 10 years to go…longgggg time.

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Jab They Met

Jab They Met.

she was just whiling away her time on net. And back then orkut was the new sensation. She was kind of reserved, she didn’t add any unknown person and all. But then she saw his profile, there was something in it. And without even thinking she clicked on “add as a friend” option. And within minutes she received a pop up notification about he accepting her add request. She was then struck as of what to do next. She didn’t even know him and as she never used to add anyone unknown she had no clue of what to talk a total stranger.

She then went through his profile and found out that they both are from the same school and also that he was from the college which she had planned to join the next year. Alas she had something to talk about. She sent him a stupid scrap introducing her, he was friendly enough to talk back nicely and soon they became the best net buddies.

They used to talk the whole day, on anything that could probably come to their mind. They talked about movies, songs , politics, friends, crushes, love, sex , books, porn and everything on this damn earth

They had decided not to meet in real life. And only be friends on the internet. They knew eachother the best they knew eachothers secrets and personal problems and everything.

They even used to watch movies together. They used to download the movies then start watching together. Like if she is on the 1hr and 53rd minute of the movie then he will start the movie from the same time and they used to watch and chat on yahoo messenger. Sometimes they even talked till morning 4’o clock.

To be continued…

Thursday, December 3, 2009


Just few pics which were there in my cell phone. Thought of uploading those J

Your views on them are always welcomed! :D

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

angry, upset, disappointed.

Had a fight.

Its just so irritating when someone you love has no time to look after you or to understand what you want. It was just yesterday when I told him that I want to do something new this new year, lets go somewhere for a over night picnic .like leave on 31st morn stay over there till midnight and come back on 1st. but all he was, I am not coming. I want to sleep on 31st. at 1. is that a type of answer one gives???

And few days back his friends said the samething about going for a picnic on which he had readily agreed. And then he expects me to not get mad at him. I mean WTF???

How can one survive when someone he/she loves has no time to make plans with them or even show anything like they care?

And this happened last night, and he didn’t call or sms since morning it was me who called him up. And all he did was talk rudely.

Later. bye

Tuesday, December 1, 2009


Its December finally, and its quite cold in Mumbai, not like cold cold but considering Mumbai’s normal temperature I love it. Waiting for more cold though. I am thinking about working out as well, I guess a morning walk will do. I don’t feel like going to gyms and stuff.

After a month 2010 will start. 2 years for 2012. the year we all will die. L *sad*

It’s “his” birthday this month, but he got exams on that day so it won’t be possible to meet. So maybe later, when his exams get over. Have loads of stuff to do and its just so less time. Top on the list is what to get him as a gift. Why is it always so difficult to buy a gift for a guy? (Guys our there can help me J )

I am enjoying Farmville, café world and fishville on facebook. I have almost forgotten poker and uno now.

I want to do something new, suggestions are welcomed!

Top on the WISH LIST (as of now) – wants to celebrate New Year with a blast!

Friday, November 27, 2009

26/11 2009

As everyone knows. Yesterday was 26th November 2009, a year from the tragic incident. So, yesterday I went to gateway and trident. Uploaded some photo’s in here.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

An Experience

A friends dad is in hospital, and open heart surgery. And he needed blood from 4 people. His blood group was Opositive, but still he was not able to manage 4 people who could have done it.

I went in for blood donation as well. But after the test it turns out that I was 0.5% low on hemoglobin. After that moment. I felt so terribly bad. Like I am some kind of infection or something. A person needs blood and I am enough blood to give him but because of some deficiency I am not able to help him in way. It seemes useless sitting there and consoling my friend.

Luckily we were able to manage enough friend to donate blood. And all is all fine now. The surgery is tomorrow morning at 7am

Hope everything works out well.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Few quotes for the terriorists!

Tabaah karne ke kabhi baad jhaank Lena wo manjar..Tum na hote to kabhi shamshaan nahi rote.Kitna bhi chaho yaad rakh Lena Ek hi dharti ke do aasman nahi hote! Stop Terrorism!

Kya Hindu kya Muslim..Jo benaam marte hain kya insaan nahi hote Ek bachche ke jism ko khareed lete hain Jo log Un logon ke to imaan kya bhagwan nahi hote! Stop Terror!

Our Generation Stands for Choice: We can't let Terrorists Take away! Remember United We Stand Divided We Fall! Fight Terror! STOP another 26/11!

If you Don't STAND behind out Troops, Feel Free to Stand in Front of Them! Fight Terrorism with Justice, Not Hate! Say No To Terror!

Everybody’s worried about stopping terrorism. Well, there’s a really easy way: stop participating in it! Say No to Terrorism!

Fighting terrorism is like being a goalkeeper. You can make a 100 brilliant saves but the only shot that we remember is the one that gets past you! Stop Terror!

Terrorism is the price of empire. If you do not wish to pay the price, you must give up the empire. Join Hands, Help Fight Terror!


Last year, this very day was like any other. But what happened the next day was something that no Mumbaikar would ever forget.

I was at a friends birthday party, and came home around 8pm. Things were cool at that time. I came surfed the net watched tv and was about to sleep when I got a sms from a friend about the attack in taj hotel and oberoi. For like a minute I didn’t understand anything. I went through the sms again. And I could make out that this was not a prank on me or anything so I switched on the tv and it was really shocking what ever they were showing on tv. I was dumbstruck for the next 15mins. A terriorist attack in Mumbai? No way that’s not possible it took me a while to let the news sink in my mind and heart. That night I could hardly get sleep. I called up the closed once, if case they were somewhere out and not aware of the situation. luckily all were safe.

I slept at 3 in the morning and when I woke up at 7 in the morning I woke up to the news of the death of hemant karkare. Mom told me that she knew him. it was another shocking moment for me. And one after the other getting news about fire and hand grenades and firing in these hotels and VT station and everything. I just wanted to go out there and kill those bastards.

I had never seen anything like that in my whole life. The next day they were going to give their final goodbye to Mr. karkare. I knew I had to go there and I had to go there and salute that man for his bravery. Thought I didn’t get to see him, but I atleast got to be there when he was leaving this earth forever. I have taken a video which I have uploaded. and after that I decided to go to taj hotel and oberoi trident. I have taken some pics there as well, I have uploaded those.

The thing was, while going there I could not see a single civilian other than the journalists who had come there to capture the live situation there for their news channels, I could see 100 of police men with grim faces and the military. It was like I was at a war front. I was not sure if they would allow me to go there but atleast they allowed me to where the news channel people were there. It was breath taking experience. I could see those rescued people sitting in a group still in the shock of what had happened, and what could have happened. I felt my eyes go wet when I realized what they had gone through. I still get Goosebumps when I think of what I had seen that day, and trust me It was way different then what tv channels show us,. The mixture of shock and panic and relief that its all over now and the respect you feel like giving to all those cops who helped us together is way different. I am getting Goosebumps as I am tying this as well.

I just hope these terriorist understand that this is not going to help them in anyway. I still don’t get the point of why these people are even there. What the hell is their problem?

I could not write anymore. I would just like to let the government and everyone whose reading this know that we have still not forgotten that day… and we need some actions against it. More security!

That 3 day, ill never forget in my whole life. And that few hours I spent near taj and oberoi that feeling that will stay with me forever. And I would like to say that I am proud of my nation and also those people who laid down their life’s for the country.