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Harry Potter And The Philosophers Stone In Short.

Harry potter in brief

J.K.Rowling, I don’t guess she needs any introduction anymore. She is one women who has fans all over the world of all the age groups just because of her writing. Coming to think of her the book that she wrote was just a thought that had came to her mind when she was once traveling to kings cross station. And then she elaborated it and wrote in a beautiful manner and we all know the master piece she has created.

We as kids grew up listening and reading to bedtime stories like cindrella, sleeping beauty, goldilocks etc etc. But I bet that when we will grow up and get kids, we will tell our children bedtime stories about harry potter.

The way she has written the story. You don’t feel bored at any point of time. Each and every charater mentioned in the story has some or the other reason of being in existence. Everyone has some important role to play either to solve the hidden secrets or to get ride of the dark lord.

The story goes this way.
Its this that, harry is living with his uncle Vernon and aunt petunia, they have a son. Petunia is harry’s mother’s sister. she detested her because it was her sister who was selected to go to Hogwarts and learn magic. She hated her thereafter, and so she generally used to take that anger out on harry, harry was like a servant at their place. The first encounter with harry to know that he is a wizard was when, he goes to zoo with his uncle aunt and their son Dudley . where he gets to know that, he can talk to snakes.
It was harry’s 11th birthday when hagrid who was a wizard as well came to take harry to tell him the news that, he has been off age to join Hogwarts now. Harry didn’t knew what Hogwarts is, he didn’t knew that he is a wizard and that his parents were a wizard as well till the time he met hagrid. His aunt had told them that his parents were dead in a car accident, which was not true. His parents were dead in a duel with the dark lord, who was proud of him being a wizard and had bad intensions in this mind. He was making people join him in his bad intention by choice and force both and it was harry’s parents who were against him, and that’s why they were killed by him. But harry survived his curse cause his mother had died to protect harry, so the curse reversed and hit voldemort instead of harry. And voldemort vanished that day. But not completely everyone knew that he was going to come back one day.

Hagrid takes harry to his wizarding world. Harry there comes to know that his parents had left him a hell lot of things. His admission in Hogwarts was decided since the time he was born. His parents had left him a huge sum of wizarding money. Harry started off really nice. He met two of his really nice friends there. Ronald Weasley and Hermoine Granger. Ron had 6 other siblings and he had his roots in the wizrding world. Whereas hermoine had her parents as dentist in the muggle ( non magic flocks ) world. But she was brilliant and loved to read books and collect information. She was a hard nut to crack.

Once when harry had his detention. And was forced to go to the forest just outside the school ground. His job there was to find a unicorn there, who was wounded. Hagrid told him that, there is someone in the forest who kill unicorn and drink their blood. Drinking unicorn blood will save you from death even if you are an inch from death. But the life you will get will be a half life and that too cursed. So in order to find the unicorn they go in different directions. Harry finds the half dead unicorn and a man in cloak whoz face was not to be seen drinking the unicorns blood. When the hooded man sees harry approaching him he gets up and tries to attack harry, but just then a centaur, centaur is animal who is part man and part horse. He had his face like a man and then his body is like a horse and he walks on 4 legs two are his hands and 2 of his hind legs. The hooded man gets away as the centaur comes to save harry. The centaur tells him that there is a secret in school at the moment, harry knew what that secret was. There was philosophers stone in school at the moment. It was a secret between Dumbledore, the school headmaster and a very intelligent wizard and his friend Nicholas flamel. Nicholas flamel had founded the philosophers stone. The one who has the stone will never die.. Harry got the mystery behind the hooded man and the philosophers stone. The hooded man was no one else but voldemort. And he wanted the stone so that he could get back to power and continue his evil plans again.

As a matter of fact Voldemort was afraid of Dumbledore. So one thing was for sure that till the time Dumbledore is there in the school voldemort was not going to enter school to steal the stone. Harry once gets to know that Dumbledore has gone out of the school to the ministry of magic. Harry knows that this was the time when voldemort will try and get that stone.

The stone was kept in a hidden chamber. the chamber was protected by various magic. Harry hermoine and ron had to go through all that to get to the room where the stone was kept. When he reached there, he was shocked to find professor quirrel there. Professor quirrel was his defence against the dark arts teacher. He used to stammer a lot and used to panic on smallest of things. But indeed that all was just a show. He was actually working for voldemort, voldemort was inside him. Voldemort was living with the help of his body as a parasite.

Professor quirrel was unsuccessful in finding the stone because, the stone had its own magic imposed on it. It was belived that he only person who can get that stone was the person who wants to save it and not used it for himself, except the maker.
Quirrel forces harry to help him get the stone. He tells him to look in the mirror of erise. Mirror of erise, is smething that if you see in it. You will see your deepest desire ie if you want to be the world’s richest man and if that is your deepest desire then you will see your self as the world’s richest man in that mirror, and only you can see what you want no one else will be able to see what you desire. So when harry looks in the mirror he sees his reflection taking out the philosophers stone from him pocket. Harry slowly touches his pocket and he feels the philosophers stone indeed inside his pocket. He gets it cause he wanted to save it and not use it for himself.

There is duel in there for voldemort tries to snatch the stone from harry, but the good wins over the bad and quirrel dies in the duel and so does voldemort vanishes once again… but everyone knows that he will come back once again.

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