Wednesday, April 1, 2009

just a thought

Women are always blamed to be careless and selfish and also to some extend never understands a man. There are several jokes on women like how after getting married or by having a girlfriend a man’s life turns into hell. But why don’t guys try to understand the girl in their life.
What a girl wants in a little respect form the guy in her life and yes lots of love from him. And in return she gives you hell lot of things, she cares for you, looks after you, and also acts like a mother sometime. And this all comes naturally to her. She just loves treating her hubby or her boyfriend like her kid and which actually I think cause guys are like kids. Even though they grow up and are matured enough but they do have some childlike thing in them which best comes out when they are with their mother or else their wife/ girlfriend. A girl will never ask something which she knows her guy cant afford she will always understand him with all her heart. And she just expects the same back. Just that she wont say it until he crosses her line of patience.
For a girl her love of life is very important, her love comes before anything else in her life. Including her friends. But for a guy his love comes after everything else. That’s the biggest difference between a girl and a guy.

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