Monday, March 2, 2009


I was reading a book, where its written that the hero goes to a prostitute and falls in love with her and then eventually gets married to her in end. This is not a new concept you will find the same thing in many other novels and loads of other movies. They always show that these sex workers are good natured and that it’s the circumstance that forces them to do such things.
But do we really take that into account in real life? People tend to look at these people like some bloody good for nothing people in the locality. If we think on it, it is because of prostitution that girls and ladies are able to live without fear. If not prostitution, the number of rapes would have been high. Its like if the people would have not got satisfied by some prostitute they would have hunted down innocent girls in the locality. It would have got difficult for girls to be out of the house at night, or even go to school or college alone.
Come to think of it, I don’t guess that the sex workers are doing this with their will, its something like there is no other way out to earn their bread and butter and that’s why they have to do this. They do threat the fear of getting dieses like AIDS, but “its better to die with a dieses tomorrow than to die with hunger today” is what they feel.

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  1. Good post!

    Thought you have that are similar to mine... The girls who are doing it are just being pushed to do it...

    If a blame has to be put on them for spoiling the society, then the equal blame has to be be put the ones who go to sleep with them... bcoz by going to them, they are supporting them...

    As you said, they satisfy the hunger of many ppl who would have hunted some innocent girls on their absence..