Monday, April 6, 2009


This though just came to my mind while surfing on facebook. A guy sent me a friends request who I just knew by name. like one of my friend knew him so it was just that I had heard about him once or twice. After he sent me the add request I got to know that I had 20 friends in common with him. Isn’t that wonderful? I mean u are connected to soo many people without even realizing it. And such social networking sites had actually made it easy for you to keep a check on familiar people.

Sometimes these acquaintances grow up into friendship then grows to bestfriends and then may end up falling in love with eachother or just have a fight and end everything there and maybe be best friends for whole life. There are many possibilities and many things you cant predict. Life is surely a mystery. You never know what will happen next. But what I belive is, there is always some invisible magic or force which keeps giving you signs of what to do next, and you just have to understand those signs and do accordingly, I know I know this is very filmy and you might have even heard the same thing many times in different movies. But come to think of it, it is sort of true.

There are so many types of acquaintances, I’ll tell you somewhich happened with me itself.
I used to go to andheri everyday for my classes, there was this girl who used to get into the same bus with me from my busstop itself, and the fun part was she had her office just a level above my classes ie. We lived in the same area we used to catch the same bus at the same time and from the same bus stop and our destination was the same as well. We never talked but a just a usual smile. Who knows she might just turn out my friends neighbor or my mom’s friend’s never know!

Another which most of the people in the world might have experienced and that is you see some one during the lunch hour in school everyday but never talk to and one day you get to know that he is your dance partner for the annual day. Its just destiny.

And isn’t it wonderful???


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