Monday, April 6, 2009

Delhi 6

Recently I went to watch a movie delhi 6. it started off well, with a basic introduction of Delhi and a bit of information about the characters in the movie and all. But as it proceeds there was no story at all, no synchronization between two scenes. And the worst part was the belief that the so called “KALA BANDAR” had a mother board on this chest. I mean to say, if the person is educated enough to understand what a mother board is then he is quite intelligent to understand that a monkey cant have a motherboard on himself. Sonam kapoor had no work in the movie, I guess she was there only cause there is a need of a heroine in every movie and another reason was just to add a song on her ie “masakali”. And the other thing that makes me feel disgusted was this that, the actor dies in the end then goes to heaven meets his dad eats jalebi with him and come back to life..that was utter nonsense.

After rang de basanti I expected a lot from the director. This was not what he is supposed to make. The movie is just chaos and confusion with stupidest things like a monkey with a mother board and things like he dies goes to heaven and comes back.
We expect a lot more from you guys yaar.


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