Thursday, April 23, 2009


The recent success of slumdog millionaire and the fact that “jai ho” bagged the oscar has made India very proud. “jai ho” is a term that Indian used in praising someone very often.and now that it is recognized worldwide, its makes them even more proud.
Its election time now, and congress has bought the copyright of the jai ho song and has decided to play it during their rallies. What I think is, is this some kind of a publicity stunt? Like they don’t really have any thing to back them up and win this time, so are they trying to get some attention to their party by playing the popular song during their rallies?
So next time people talk about congress, it wont be something like “ oh! The party who did this and that”, it will rather be “ oh! That party who has jai ho as their theme song”.
Sometimes I am just amazed by looking at these funny things people do. I guess the time is not far now, that we will see our politicians do item numbers on the popular songs and gain votes. Soon it might just be like just another reality shows we have to TV.
I think they got to know their priorities straight. Its about the government, its about India they are just making fun of it by using some movie songs and I guess that’s hindering the seriousness of elections.

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