Sunday, April 26, 2009

Me Shivaji Raje Bhosle Boltoi

Me shivji raje bhosle boltoi, a new marathi movie released recently. It was houseful in the initial days and is still difficult to get tickets. With such a hot reception to the movie I expected it to be really nice. And my hopes were really high for it, though it did not fulfill my hopes to the fullest.
It showed a common Marathi man, who lives a normal life and the only earning man in the family of four. So obviously he is to face all the financial problems of the house. Well the story was good. But I guess they made the whole movie hypothetical.
I personally feel there was no need for shivaji maharaj to come in picture at all, I mean he hardly had any role, they could have just shown it in a different way like the hero is a follower of shivaji maharaj and takes lessons from his deeds and fight his way out of the problem. The graphics that they tried to show during the scene when shivaji maharaj rides on his horse and comes to the hero’s house looks absolutely fake. They were just trying to mix up “lage raho munnabhai”, “ rang de basanti”, and “ virudh” together.
The story was indeed good, but a bit more perfection in graphics and story board and yes, direction would have made a great effect!


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