Thursday, April 30, 2009


Being alone at home gives you much time to think about yourself, of what you want , your needs and your weekness. Since mom has gone out of town for a few days. I had enough time for myself which I generally don’t get when she is around.

I was watching mp3 ( mera pehle pehla pyaar ) a hindi movie about a girl and a boy and their love story. It made me think, we were the same when we were in our school. Those bets on silly things, and those dares and enjoying together in recess and free lectures.
I still remember those days, some of which I would love to share with you guys. It was in our classes we had lectures from 7 in the morning to 5 in the evening continuous. And we used to get a break of half and hour or smething, we were playing truth and dare and we dared a guy to go and ask an unknown girl her age. Lol… and he actually went and asked a passerby her age.
Another incident I remember was during the first day on diwali, and unfortunately we had our exams that day what we did was we decided to come to school a bit early in morning and a friend of mine brought “aapti bomb” and we were bursting crackers in the school no teacher came to know about it that time but later on the same day after the exams we tried our stunts and tried bigger bombs the teachers got to know, but no one knows who exactly did it till this day.
We had this thing in school, during winter we would wear sweaters in the morning but as the 2nd lecture get over we used to tie it around our waist, it was cool you know sport shoes, sweater tied up around your waist and the school dress used to be knee length. It used to look pretty.
Always used to sit on the last bench the whole group. During free lecture’s we me and a friend of mine used to go to the ground floor and spend time with our PT teachers, sakpal sir and parab teacher. Or sometimes go in computer lab and check orkut and chat with friends or sometimes when in really studious mood go to library and read some intresting books. In 9th or something there was this new gadget that was available “the mp3” that was now another option for us, during free lecture or even when the teacher is teaching we used listen to songs on the last bench.
We had Sanskrit in 7th, but the thing was the people who had took Sanskrit had to wait after the school for an hour the lectures were scheduled after the school hours. First 2 months were very intresting as we were learing a new language but later it was damn boring, it was fun to sneak out of the class without getting noticed. But we had to pay a high amount for that, we barely passed in that subject that year. Later we changed it to French. French was much cooler.
We had our French tuitions just after the school, so we all friends used to have our lunch together. I enjoyed that a lot.
Even during our recess, what we used to do is we had names or songs or some poetry or some shayari’s decided for everyone in the class, and yes how can I forget the teaseing with the bf/gf’s name or the crush was the most amazing part. We had 30mins recess, so we kept the first 10mins to eat you’re your lunch which almost the whole class used to share and eat, we used to share from each nook and corner of the class. And the rest 20 mins we used to sing songs, tease , call out names and just have fun together. Good thing was that no one ever took offence on that, it used to be just like a party everyone used to dance sing songs and the dance was on the top on the desk btw! :P
God and that talking on phone the whole time and sms’in every second and keep your friends updated with your minute to minute activities is the cutest part
Those were days, and I don’t think anything can replace that fun ever… I still love my school friends and I feel happy that I am still in contact with most of them. Thanks god!
If ever got a chance to go back to those days, I would love too….


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