Friday, April 3, 2009



Today I though to writing about Mumbai. And now I am stuck, I don’t know what to write about this city. I mean to say there is soo much in this city, so many things all happening at once. Just look outside your window, u will find different people doing soo many different things, there will be school kids going to school or coming back from there. There will be office going people who will be rushing for bus or train to get to their office in time. There will be college going kids who some maybe rushing to college while some just bunking and roaming around the city. There would be some beggars, waiting for the signal to go red, so they will go and beg for some money again.

In Mumbai you will find all the grades of the society, there are rich there are poor and there are the normal mumbaikars, middle class people who live their life freely. Yes there are tensions about finance and all but they are happy in their own way.

If we go to see from south Mumbai, there is a two extreme types of localities living there there is colaba, cuff parade, marine drive where its one of the most sophisticated area in Mumbai, then there is girgaum where there are people who are middle class and still have a potential in them. They are happy the way they are. They live in a small flat, or rather chawl.but content and happy with what they have. Coming a bit north there is dadar, one prominent area in Mumbai, u can say a the hub of Mumbai. And then going further north there Is bandra. You will find many film stars residing there. And then further north there is andheri, borivali and all, here you will find people who travel in train everyday, and their life is depended on the morning 9’oclock fast train to churchgate. They travel in trains everyday, no matter men or women the rush is the same and you have to fight for a place for youself.

But with all this hustle bustle and all the busy life everyone has. They are still happy with it, there is still the same humanity intact in this city. People will help you even if you are a stranger to them. They say that this city is filled with people with no heart. But being here and living in this very own city for so long I strongly deny it. It’s a city where even though there is no time for eachother, people still find ways to be there for eachother when they need it.


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