Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Bandra worli sea link… Oops sorry Rajiv Gandhi Sea link ???

Bandra worli sea link… Oops sorry Rajiv Gandhi Sea link ???

There is a new controversy now, congress had decided to name the bandra worli sea link as rajiv Gandhi sea link. I don’t really know much about the politics and all, but as a mumbaikar and as an enthusiastic civilian who was exited about the sea link I will say that I cleary disapprove this act.

I wont say anything that name it after some marathi hero, but ill just say this, that may it be naming a normal street or a place or for now sake the sea link, will congress ever think of some different other that the indira Gandhi, Jawaharlal Nehru, or rajiv Gandhi. I respect the work they had done. But why cant congress stop praising their own family and get a life and understand that there are some other people as well in this country who had done many impressive things for the country.

This is something wrong congress is doing. I would just say that been born and brought up in this city I would expect that this asset to Mumbai and Mumbai’s new landmark should not be named after rajiv Gandhi. and if it’s the point of naming it behind a marathi person or a north Indian. I would say keep it neutral and just name it bandra worli sea link., that makes more sense to it.

If its really named after rajin Gandhi, I dunno about others but ill surely be very disappointed.

Bandra Worli Sea Link

After a long wait and after delaying the opening of the bridge for many months the most awaited bridge for the mumbaikars is now finally open. This sea link connect bandra and worli and will cover the distance in merely 7 to 8 minutes. Which will be an asset to mumbaikars who has to travel from the suburbs to the town side everyday. This may also lead to less use of petrol while traveling. The sea link provides an excellent view, which will be a delight to watch while going to you work place and also while coming back home after a busy schedule. A long drive always relaxes your mind.

Today is marked as the opening of the sea link, and yesterday was an amazing laser show and fireworks on the sea link. People leaving amongst the coast line of Worli, Prabhadevi, Dadar ( Shivaji Park ) , and Mahim enjoyed the show. There was a huge crowd near the beaches and those who lived in the building adjoining the sea coast enjoyed the view from their terrace and lucky once from their very own balcony.

Below are some interesting facts about the Sea link.

- The construction team worked in the project is like a mini-United Nations. Several teams of engineers from China, Egypt, Canada, Switzerland, Britain, Serbia,Singapore, Thailand, Hong Kong,Indonesia and the Philippines have worked on the project.

- Its weight is equivalent to 50000 African elephants

- The length of the bridge is 63 times the height of the Qutub Minar in Delhi

- The height of the cable-stayed tower is 126m, which is equal to a 43-storey tower

- The length of steel wires used in the project is equivalent to the circumference of the Earth

- Each cable can take a weight of 900 tons

- Monitored by an Intelligent Bridge System with a 16-lane, state-of-the-art toll plaza

- Bajaj Electricals has received the Rs 9-crore (Rs 90 million) illumination contract for the Bandra-Worli sea link project. Needless to say, the lighting will add to the beauty of the bridge.

- First & Unique of its type in Mumbai.

- Project Cost of Rs.1650 Crores [Rs.16.50 Billion INR](about 330 Million US Dollar).

- Made with about 38000 KM Long Steel Ropes, 575000 tonnes of Concrete & 6000 Workers.

- Will save about 1 Hour of Travel Time & 100 crores of Vehicle Operating Cost for a 7 KM distance.

- An estimate of about 125000 Vehicles will be using daily. [3]

- An 8-lane bridge with 2 lanes dedicated for buses.

- Unique bridge design for the Link Bridge to emerge as a landmark structure in the city.

- Single tower supported 500 metre long cable-stayed bridge at Bandra Channel and twin tower supported 350 m cable-stayed bridge at Worli Channel for each carriageway.

- Modern toll plaza of 16 lanes with automated toll collection system.

- An intelligent bridge with state-of-the-art systems for traffic monitoring, surveillance, information and guidance, instrumentation, emergency support, etc.

- Development of promenade and landscaping to enhance the environment.

- Estimated savings in Vehicle Operating Costs (VOC): Rs. 100 Crores per annul.

And this surely suggests that Mumbai got another landmark.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Recently Mumbai police has started a new scheme, they are catching hold of those people who are crossing the railway tracks and not using the over head bridge. Come to think of it, yes it is good concept to stop the railways accidents. But I think they should even make some arrangement for people who need to get to the other station. Trains in Mumbai are jam packed, and as I used to travel for few months in train from mira road to dadar, I know how hectic it is. You cant afford to miss one train if you miss it, your whole schedule will be crashed.

I know the governments reply to this will be leave your house a bit early so you can reach in time to you respective destination. But practically speaking this is not quite convienient as the esp for women as they have to do their household choruses take care about their houses and everything so it’s a bit difficult for them. And for guys well, I don’t really know how hectic a man’s life is but it must be as hectic as a women.

Well, what I think government should do it provide more over head bridges, I know there are alteast 3 bridges on one platform but they are quite far away from eachother so it take a lot of time to walk to the bridge then climb up the walk the climb down and then again walk towards which coach you want to catch. Or they could keep some police standing there who will keep a watch on each tracks as to if any train is coming he will stop the commuters from crossing the tracks.

If government is making schemes to stop accidents then it should also take care of people’s convenience.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

I dont know what to keep the title


Recently there was a case of a girl getting gang raped. And the main accused was no other but her own boyfriend he took her to a hotel and then raped her there and then again after he was done, he called four of his other friends and raped her again, and that’s not all he even filmed the whole act and then threatened to circulate it if she dares to go to police. She kept quite. But later some day again two of the same guys raped her again and filmed her again and threaten the same thing. But this time she didn’t keep quite and approached the police, the victims were caught soon after the complaint.

But that’s not the point, the point is what do guys think about girls? Fine you are in your teens and you tend to look for sexual satisfaction as well, but you have no right to ruin some other girls life for your own pleasure. I myself have seen many guys who just wants to have a girlfriend so that they can screw her and leave her later on. And that’s one thing I cannot take. I mean bloody if you just wanna screw a person, then fucking have balls to go to a sex worker and do what you want. And if you don’t have enough money to go a sex worker or you feel substandard or else you feel as if they are too low than your standards for you to sleep with them, then excuse me Mr. you are definitely much below then what you think of them.

Boys talk generally consists of how they want to sleep with their girl or something like she should have good boobs etc etc. cant a guy just look at a girl with respect and for what she is inside? And not look at her boobs or her ass?

And trust me people. If I ever get hand on such guys who are nothing but pure bastards. I would love to just hit him to death. And these guys do deserve just that.


And if you are thinking of doing something like what I mentioned, then just remember this even you are a good for nothing a**h**e. and you have no right to ruin any girls life.

Truth Alone Triumphs

Recently a TV show on mtv came to an end. There were two couples participating and one had very high chances of winning as the girl was the heartthrob for many who were supposed to judge them and even the guy was the same eye candy, while the other was just another couple in the crowd, with many people who hated them.

The first couple was joana and mohit and the second was sakshi and siddharth. Joana was in lead position since day one of the tv show, and mohit was always saved by joana while siddhart and sakshi really had to fight their way to the top.

I dunno why even though mohit and joana used to say that they are tuly in love with eachother I didn’t really feel that, it was less of love and understanding and more of wat we say, just seducing eachother to get to the top. While siddhart and sakshi really had that understanding between eachother, though they used to get physical less on camera but their love and understanding and trust could be clearly seen whereas this was lacking bigtime in the other couple.

People genereally go in for looks and don’t play a fair game if it’s a competition between threir enemy and their heartthrob, even I though that all these guys will do the same and mohit and joana are sure shot winners. But the last 2 votes made the tables turn.

It was tie, and when nikhil ( the host ) was about to declare varun’s vote ( another contestant ) varun stopped him and asked if he could change this vote, he was granted that chance. Varun said that I had voted for joana just to make sakshi loose, but somewhere deep down I knew I was not fare and that’s why my conscience were pricking me. buy changing the vote, ill do justice to both. This proves that there are atleast some people who likes to think fare for all, and are at least truthful. And the other vote that changed the game, was chesta’s everyone belived that she will vote for mohit but she choosed sakshi, as even she really judged in a fare manner.

I just wanted to say this that even though we say that the world has become bad, people are evil and all, but I would still say, I don’t know about the world but the truth will always triumph

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Gap between rich and poor.

Mumbai, as we all know that this is one city where the rich and the poor live side by side. You can find slums and people starving for food on one side of the road while lavish restaurants and pubs and cafeterias on the other side.

            Going to big hotels and lavish cafeterias never made me think about the poor  who lives on just the opposite road, who may not even be able to have their two basic meals a day. But when I started working and got to know what happens in the back area of the hotel made me think about all this. I recently got placed in one of the leading hotel chains, As I was a staff I had to enter from the back entry I met my supervisor and he told an collogue to take me round the hotel and make me familiar to the place. the first day was just great I was lost in the great interiors great arrangements and very rich interior decoration. There was a really nice water body on the entrance so that makes the guest feel relaxed there were two guards on the door and one person to open the door for the guest, he gave a pleasing slmile to who ever entered. the hotel was really great in all.

            Ad my shift started, I got dressed and went in the first ballroom. It was nice as well. The floor had soft carpet there was a bar, and the waiters were serving snacks to the guest. That went good, there was sheek kabab and paneer something, I don’t know the name and two or three more items people loved to have chicken with their alcohol, so that went pretty good. Snacks are actually served so that the guest builds up his appetite and looks forward to the main course, but in India people fill up half their stomach with the snacks itself.  So when the main course started it was buffet, people ate but as they were drunk and also cause it was a party and they didn’t have to pay, they filled up their plates more than their capacity of eating and then threw away half the food. I was shocked at the end of the day when I saw the amout of food wasted, and wasted then too its okay, people didn’t eat. But in the back area even the untouched food was thrown straight in the dustbin.

            I mean to say, you throw away such huge amount of food, instead distribute among the poor they need that. These rich people just know how to make the waste of it and then show off to others, if they could just think a little sensibly. Throwing away the food is of no use its going to waste instead why don’t we just give it among the poor?

             I think this is one thing that is very wrong. People are dying for food there are many people who live hand to mouth in this country. I don’t know how to stop this ill practice but I can assure this thing that if in future I own a hotel or I get to the post where I can make some changes about this. Ill surely do one thing ill surely distribute the food among the poors.