Thursday, July 30, 2009

Hindi movie 1950 -1960

Bollywood is often tagged as melodrama and the same old stories and with nothing but heroines singing and dancing around trees. Majority of people say Hollywood Is better than bollywood, I don’t really understand this. Yes! Hollywood got its own classic movies and they are good but that surely doesn’t mean that bollywood stands nowhere in front of Hollywood. We have got our own legends and have our own classics. Even today if we tell people which movie you want to watch weather Mother India or Casablanca, half the people will say Casablanca. I am not saying I hate Hollywood, I myself got many favorites in there but I also love my Hindi movies.

I will still prefer dancing on the latest bollywood songs than do salsa or jazz or just bang your head on a rock song. Well this post is not about dance but about movies, so ill list down some of my favorite old Hindi movies down.

1950 1960

- Awara

Its about a a boy named raj who lives in poverty and misery and how he tries to find the person who was responsible for the state he is in. the story revolves around a raj, rita and the judge who is actually raj kapoors real life father. This is a timeless classic with beautiful songs like “awaara hoon” and “ ghar aaya mera pardesi” are remember even now.

- Anand Math

I would love to be frank here, that I have myself not seen this movie but there is one song that I would die for and that it, vande mataram from this movie. I just love that song its sung beautifully by lata mangeshkar ( correct me if I am wrong, but I guess it is lata mangeshkar) it just makes me get goose bumps and creates an irrevocable feeling of “deshprem” and patriotism.

- Shree 420

This is again about a poor man who comes to Mumbai to earn a living who someday wants to become a big man. When in Mumbai he falls in love with vidya ( nargis ) who is a teacher and earn her living from her teaching. She is a normal girl who is happy with whatever she got. Whereas raj ( raj kapoor) is seduced my the hi fi and non ethical lifestyle of the riches which is exposed to him by maya ( nadira ) she forces him to do tricks while playing cards and earn money. Mean while He meets seth dharamchand sonawala who traps him and has planed to fool the poor by telling that they will provide them all houses in just 100 rupees, the poor in a hope to get a house in just 100 rupess gives him all the money. Meanwhile vidya tries to make him understand and bring him back to the normal life, but raj pays no heed to what she was saying and continues to do what he wants, which results in two of them breaking up. But when raj realizes that seth dharamachand sonawala has got wrong intention about the houses and is going to run away with the poors money, he plans out a plan and puts sonawala behind bars and then he realizes his mistake and gets back to vidya.

This movie has also got some beautiful songs like “ dil ka haal sune dilwala” , “ mera juta hai japani”, “Mudh mudh ken a dekh”, And “ Pyaar hua ikraar hua hai”, these songs make me go back in time and makes me feel really nostalgic.

- Chori Chori

Well, this is just like dil hai ke manta nahi ( I am sure you would have seen this movie).

- Mother India

This movie clearly displays how courageous Indian womens are when it comes to their family and children. This also shows the reality of 100s of other farmers who are fooled by the landlords. When radha ( nargis) get married to shamu ( raaj kuman) she has all the dreams of leading a happy life which laters turns out to be just a dream for her. while working in the field where shamu looses both in hands in a mishap. And as he cannot work anymore and cannot support his own family he is not able to take it in, and out of guilt he abandons his family and leaves. With two little children to feed and a mother in law the pressure to provide with bread and butter is now on radha’s shoulder. She fights her way out to earn money to grow good crops and to pay off her loan and get her land back from the greedy landlord. As the children grow they help her to get the land back. One of the best scene is at the last when she shoots her own son birju ( sunil dutt ) there is another key scene in this movie when radha is supposed to be trapped in a fire, but the fire got wild and out of control during the shoot it was then when sunil dutt ( who plays her son in the movie) got in the fire and saved her two months later they both got married.

“duniya mein hum aaye hai toh jeena hi padega, jeevan hai agar zeher toh pina hi padega”, this movie does full justice to this song which is a part of the movie. They movie also shows that after hard and difficult days there will be a day when there will be happiness and this is suggested by another song in the movie which goes like this “ dukh bhare din beete re bhaiya, aab sukh aayo re raang jeevan mein naya laayo re”

I would just conclude by saying, radha was one role any actress would die for.

- Do ankhen barah haath.

This movie about a jailor ( v.shantaram) who belives that love and trust can win over anything and can make any criminal a god fearing person. He takes 6 murderes from his jail to a place where they can live together without any restrictions without any iron bars to limit their freedom. He treats them with love and trust and eventually makes them god fearing and good human beings. There is also a toy seller champa ( sandhya, and v shantaram’s real life wife) who visits their place often to play and give a toy to one of the criminals son who lives with them as he got no1 else to live with.

There are four songs in this movie and I love them all two of them are “ ho umad ghumad kar aayi re ghata” and Tak tak dhum dhum” they make my feets tap whenever I listen to them. Another is “ mein gaaun tu chup ho ja” which the toy seller sings for the little child when he is crying, its written and sung beautifully. And other is “ ae malik tere bandhe hum”, I wont grade this as a song, its more of a prayer. And I bet any person who lives in India has heard this song atleast once.

- Anari

Yet another raj kapoor flick, where he is a honest worker, but yet not able to pay off his rents to his land lady who is kind heated yet talkative. Raj ( raj kapoor ) treats his landlady as his own mother and the landlady mrs.dsa (Lalita Pawar ) his land lady treats him as her own son. His life changes when he finds a wallet loaded with money but he honestly returns It back to its owner, seth ramchand sohawala. Very pleased with his honesty he gives raj work. Raj falls in love with aarti who he thinks is a maid servant at seth sohawala’s place, but she indeed is his daughter. When raj gets to know this he isolates himself from her and soon after mrs dsa expires because of food poisoining raj being the prime suspect is arrested. Raj slips out of the jail in order to find out the real culprit. Which is when he discovers that the food poisoning was caused due to her medicines which were hampered by the company. There was a ill practice going on in that very medical company. The owner of that company turns out to be seth ramchand sohawala and arti’s dad.

These movie got one song which gives out a social message in a really nice way “ kisi ki muskurahato pe ho fida”, and other one which is also really good is “sab kuch seekha hamne na seekhi housiyaari”.

- Navrang

Navrang is a story about a poet during the mugal empire, his father worked at the for the mugals and wanted his son to work there as well. But his son was of different thinking he was a romantic poet with a simple wife who was shy to even talk to him properly. What navrang wanted was his wife to be as romantic as he was, he wanted his wife to be his inspiration for his poets. He had an imagination for his wife, he used to imagine his wife as someone who sits with him talks to him dances when he sings and had named his imaginary character mohini. He often used to mention this name in his poetries which his wife misunderstood to be some other girl who he was in love with and left the house. He then goes finding her and brings her back home. This movie is all about music and dance, sandhya ( who plays his wife in the movie) is a superb dancer.

There as unforgettable songs like “ aare jaa re haath nathkat”, which is still played often during holi. And also “ tu chupi hai kahaan” and “ aadha hai chandrama”, I bet you have heard about this song in which she dances while balancing 7 matkas on her head. Then there is another song where the music is composed from normal objects that you find in your kitchen “ shamal shamal baran”, and another one which even I like is “ aa dil se dil mila le”.

It is also said that, during the shoot of “do aakhe barah haath” there is a scene in which v.shantaram has a bull fight, its said that during that shoot he actually got hurt in his eyes and then underwent a major surgery, it is also said that he lost his vision during that period. So when he was able to see back he made this movie which was in color.

-Mughal e azam

he film re-tells a popular Indian tale of salim and anarkali which I don’t think I need to retell you guys.

ts most famous dance sequence takes place in the Sheesh Mahal (Palace of Mirrors) of the Lahore Fort, where Anarkali dances for theMughal Emperor and his court, singing Pyar Kiya to Darna Kya, "I have loved, so what is there to fear?" This song was one of three sequences shot in Technicolor, while the rest of the movie was in black and white. The singing is, of course, playback singing by Lata Mangeshkar and lip-synched by Madhubala.

It’s a classic movie and you have got to see it.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Man To Women

While love is love, there are certainly a number of ways to show it to someone. When you are a man that wants to say “I love you” to a woman you might want to remember that women enjoy the romantic side of love.

In knowing this, you should consider trying o be as romantic as you can in orderto show her and tell that you love her.

Here are some creatively unique ideas

- find out the song that she considers “yours” and play it the next time you are together.

- Create a whole day in which she gets to plan what you’ll do together no matter what she chooses, be happy and supportive of her choices.

- Take her dancing, any kind of dancing that she likes. Dance with her :D

By taking the time to come up with something that really shows her that you love her, she’ll be able to thnk back on that special memory whenever she needs an extra boost.

Friday, July 24, 2009

Patch up!

Where there is love there are fights as well, and sometimes it just gets a bit over the top and then the blame game starts, but one thing is for sure that whosoever is wrong should say sorry and try to make up again. So heres a fun way to make up with your partner,

Just take a picture of her in which she is happy and smiling, stick it on a piece of paper and write. ( you can copy the samething and give to her, theres no need to be original all that matters is what you feel about your partner and what you want to convey through what you write )

“ dear ( your partners name ) this is the smile that I fell in love with. It lights up the room, it lights up my life, and I cannot imagine a day without it. When we fight, it becomes dark and I cant think straingt until we figure things out. I don’t want to miss your smile for one more minute.

I promise that I never mean to hurt you when I am angry and I promise that I will always love you.

I am sorry and I love you. ( your name )

I know its sortoff filmy but I bet, your partner cant help but smile and forget all her angerness. Try it! It will definitely work. *wink*

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Ms word, cant get enough of osama!

Click on the image, to have a better look at it.


Celebrating anniversaries is the perfect time for showing tou love to your partner. With the time that you have spent together, why not celebrate the fact that you have been together as long as you have ( and it can be months or years).you can do some of the following with you partner.

- go back to where you met and take a new picture

- head to your first date spot.

- Try on your wedding outfit again ( if you are married) and take a new picture.

- Take a small bell and give it to your partner that they can carry around or hang or store at home. Each year, give them another to show that your relationship is getting longer and longer. For example, you might want to give a collector stamps, or ring, or a bracelet and one more to add to their collection for each year that you are together. ( this is ideal to do on you first anniversary, but nevermind if you have already missed it, if this is your 2nd or 3rd anniversary, then you can give them 2 or 3 of them and then from that onwards give them one each on every anniversary)


Birthdays are a celebration of the time when yours partner came into the world and everntually into your life.

There are plenty of ways to celebrate their birth in a loving and joyful way.

- send them a card in the mail with birthday wishes everyone likes to get mail. If you can, try to conceal that ints from you until they open it.

- Send them a small token for their birthday at their place of work you can also send the birthday card here or send flower. Try to keep it small if your partner isn’t a big dan of getting a lot of attention.

- Make sure to create some sort of a plan for the day.

- Always remember the day.

- Create a special birthday cake and make sure its their favorite flavor.

Valentine's day!

It seems clich├ęd, but Valentine’s Day is still one of the best days to spread your love. While some people aren’t big fans of this day, you can still use this as an excure to show your partner how much you care. It doesn’t have to be a big or consist of giving costly diamond jewelry to your partner all it needs is for you to give from your heart.

Here are some tips for what you can do on this special day.

- make a list of all the reasons why you love the person that you are with. Try to come up with obscure things like the idea that you love the way they brush their teeth or comb their hair. The more specific you are, the more touching it will be.

- create a small book of mementos of thing that you have done together movie tickets, receipts , menus etc.

- give the gift of time create a small card that entitles the recipient to a certain amount of time with you.

- Do smething that makes fun of the holiday if you are not a big fans f this day, try to fo something that’s really ridiculour and the opposite of the day. Maybe you can head out to dinner on another night to celebrate or to something more active like bowling, just being together is the point it doesn’t have to include pink or hearts.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Love, Crush, Flings, Relationship, Breakup, Makeup etc etc

Hey people, life these days is hectic and we rarely get time to do something romantic for our partner. And then a point comes when there is noting new to do and you get bored of the regular life. And then they start finding something new and end up with breaking up with their current partner and then fishing for someone new. This is generally the main reason why breakups happen. So I have decided to write something about it. Ill keep posting some tips or tricks about different things. And also what special romantic things you can do with your partner, so keep checking,

PS – I will continue writing about my normal life and my normal posts as well.

Suryagrahan day - 2009

Its Solar eclipse today! I was all exited about it since yesterday eveinig, I got up today at 4 in the morning and headed to Nehru planetarium. There was a lot of rush, school student people civilians and also some college student. The wheater was not quite right to view the eclips properly, but nevermind we were able to see it for like a very less time.

I never thought that such huge amount of people would come to watch the eclipse as there are so many superstitions and myths related to it. Personally I dnt really belive in them, its not like I don’t follow my rituals but sometimes it’s a bit over the top. I mean just because of some celestial conditions why would our life’s be hampered? Some of the the myths are acceptable, like we are not supposed to look at the sun during the eclipse that is right we have scientific proof for that. But what about other things?

· For example - One should not eat nor prepare any food during the eclipse, and one should throw away all the cooked food.

If this is to be followed, then What happens to millions of tonnes of food grains, vegetables and fruits in the fields, the very next day, they come to the Fruit and Vegetable markets and we buy and consume them, if nothing happens to that which is in open, they why to throw away cooked food which is within concrete walls and steel utensils. And what should the Road Side vendors do, who sell their Pani Puri, Chat” – In several eclipses since two decades I deliberately ate while watching the eclipse, nothing has happened and I am all healthy all the time. I believe thousands of others had done, without any ill effects afterwards.

Another thing is this that

· Pregnant women, should sleep on floor, should not eat, and should not touch any sharp objects – knife / blade / razor etc.,.

It’s all nonsense – as per the world / india population meter, every 30 Seconds and a Minute a child is born and we haven’t seen any earlier records or proofs that a child born when the eclipse is going on in the sky, is born with any abnormality physically or mentally

So basically I don’t really believe in any of these things, its just a beautiful celestial happening and it will happen once in 100 years, so I would say I was lucky enough to witness this event.

And on the other hand we did have a lots of fun there. There were these two guys who belonged to some medical college who gave me some information on the terrace while we were waiting for the sun to rise. I never knew the proportion of the distance between earth and sun and earth and moon is 1:4000, nor did I know the difference between the diamond ring and the Baily’s beads. So I did get to know new things.

Then there was Rj jeeturaaj, from radio mirchi 98.3fm. and he is a darling! He was so nice with everyone around. He also made us comfortable had a talk with us, and was really very friendly. He had to go on air at 7 in the morning and he was with us with from moring 5 to 6.30.

The school children rushed behind him as soon as they got to know whohe was for autograph and soon he was surrounded with all school kids, he not only gave them autograph but also told them not to waste paper like this, they better recyle used papers. As he was about to leave for his show, one of the teachers there slipped her leg on the wet floor and fell down, jeeturaaj not only came runnig to make her stand up but also massaged her head where she had got hurt. This is what we call a sweet guy, isn’t it?

After watching the eclips from the telescope we went to the auditorium, and they showed us some slides about eclips and a live coverage from japan and varanasi where the eclipse was seen fully. After the show was over I had a round in the museum and clicked some pictures.

So all in all, it was a great event and I enjoyed being a part of it :D

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Internet has all the solutions: D

I have nokia 5310 xpress music. And I had kept a security code to it so that no other person who I don’t know gets access to my cell phone. But I somehow I don’t know how I forgot my code, and even after trying hell lot of codes I could not get through it. Just then a friend suggested to call me ask the Vodafone people as they are my network providers if they can help me in someway. So I did call them. But they just said in a very polite way please contact nokia care center and they gave their number.

I called up the nokia people. They just said that we cannot guide you like this, you need to visit out priority shop and they provided me the address of the store near to me. So I asked them, that I brought my cell phone just a couple of months back and that it was still in their warranty period. So will they do it free of charge. Which they declined again in a very polite tone.

I was just getting ready to go that shop when it stroked me to check the net for some assistance and there it was like an angel in disguise the answer to my question. Which was as simple and switching off your cell phone and then pressing the green button and * and 3 together and then switching on your phone while still pressing the same. I found it weird actually, but though why not give it a try, so I tried. And there it was my cell was back to normal.

So this shows a normal man knows more about the so called trained customer care executives of these big big companies. I just think they all need to grab money in every way possible. I bet that if I had gone to that priority dealer he would have at least charged me 100 bucks.

So thank you Internet, and that you that guy has posted this trick in there. :D

Friday, July 10, 2009



Following are some harry potter related stencils, you can click on it so you will get a bigger image, you can then copy it to your computer and then print it. Once you get the print out you can cut it along its outline. And then use it the way you want.

If you would like to print it on your shirt, well then you can follow the steps given below.

- choose a plain t-shirt of any colour you like.

- Place the stencil on the tshirt and secure it with a sticking tape.

- Use fabric colors and paint in the stencil.

- Let it dry.

- When its completely dry, then remove the stencil.

- And your t-shirt is ready!