Thursday, July 9, 2009

Harry Potter Birthday Idea.

Oh so here is a idea of how you could arrange a Birthday with the main theme set as harry potter. As if it a birthday party you obviously will need to invite your friend. Here is a nice invitation letter which you can send to your friends in a very hogward – ish manner
"We are pleased to inform you that you have been accepted into the Hogwarts School of Magic and Wizardry to celebrate the birthday of ______ on the date at time. It is located three-quarters of the way between Gates 9 and 10 (write down your address), there you will find the magical door visible only to Hogwarts students and their families. Proper school attire should be appropriate for indoor or outdoor wizardry classes. Wizard's or witch's work robes and hats are optional. Please RSVP by owl or by Muggle phone to the Headmaster at (Your Phone Number) by Specified Date.

Then seal the kid party invitation either by rolling the paper into a scroll and tying with gold or purple ribbon, or if you want to get fancier, melt some red wax and fasten to the invitation (possibly adding an "H" to the wax while it is still soft).

And if you are really all bored up to write it out on your own you can just print one of the printable invitations given below.

Oh so now that your invitation is ready. Lets get started doing some decorations, well if you really want a grand and has got no issues to spend a lot over the decorations then well you can make your house look like the great hall by using cardboard made walls and stick it on your walls with help of a tape. Use poster board to make signs for "Diagon Alley", "Professor Snape's Potions class", "Hagrid's Hut", "The Great Hall"... And match the locations to your activities. You can also make a cardboard sign reading "Forbidden Forest - Entry is Forbidden to Hogwarts Students!" and post it amongst trees in your backyard, or in a garden you don't want kids trodding on. Decorate the shelves in your house or the kid party area with old clear glass bottles and jars filled with odd or creepy looking things. Label the jars with the names of potion ingredients.

Well, that’s it then. You are ready to rock the party. And yes. If you have any harry potter merchandise or any posters well, then you can add them to your walls or your shelf’s.

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