Sunday, July 12, 2009

Internet has all the solutions: D

I have nokia 5310 xpress music. And I had kept a security code to it so that no other person who I don’t know gets access to my cell phone. But I somehow I don’t know how I forgot my code, and even after trying hell lot of codes I could not get through it. Just then a friend suggested to call me ask the Vodafone people as they are my network providers if they can help me in someway. So I did call them. But they just said in a very polite way please contact nokia care center and they gave their number.

I called up the nokia people. They just said that we cannot guide you like this, you need to visit out priority shop and they provided me the address of the store near to me. So I asked them, that I brought my cell phone just a couple of months back and that it was still in their warranty period. So will they do it free of charge. Which they declined again in a very polite tone.

I was just getting ready to go that shop when it stroked me to check the net for some assistance and there it was like an angel in disguise the answer to my question. Which was as simple and switching off your cell phone and then pressing the green button and * and 3 together and then switching on your phone while still pressing the same. I found it weird actually, but though why not give it a try, so I tried. And there it was my cell was back to normal.

So this shows a normal man knows more about the so called trained customer care executives of these big big companies. I just think they all need to grab money in every way possible. I bet that if I had gone to that priority dealer he would have at least charged me 100 bucks.

So thank you Internet, and that you that guy has posted this trick in there. :D

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