Friday, July 3, 2009


Marriage is a lovely constitution. It’s a best thing you can ever have, getting married to someone you love from the bottom of your heart makes you feel “ c’est la vie”. Every girl who is in her Adolescence do dream about her future as of how she wants to lead her married life how she wants her children to grow up and everything. And by the time the girl is of marriageable age she is all set with all the plans from how she will spend her first day with her in laws to the whole houses color scheme. And even thought however she has planned about everything and however confident she is, she will always want her husband to be around her and with her always.

She will want her husband to be with her in her intial days of marriage, to spending the festivals together and going to parties and visiting relatives. Isn’t it lovely to watch your child grow up together, when you child first talks, say mama or papa for the first time or when the first time he learns to walk, or even maybe the first time he comes home from school and shows you that he got an A+ in drawing that day. Its all part and parcel of getting married.

But not all women get that. Imagine about a women who is married to someone who is in the defence force?. Her husband will be away from her for long period of time, and to add to it she wont even know where her husband is. There are lady officers as well, so your husband is away from you and you don’t know where exatly is he and on top of that some of his colluges are females. Its quite obvious that you will get insecure, but you have to manage through it. This also shows that when you really want your man home he may not be there. Your kids wont even had spend much time with their own father. Ill tell you a incident which my friend told me, her uncle was in defence, and his son was about 5yrs old, and when her uncle came back home. The son asked his mother who this man is?

It was really tough on her part as well, to make the child understand that this man who he just met was not a stranger but his own father. And on top of that being married to someone in army makes you travel places. You being an adult can atleast take care of yourself and go with the flow of the new place but what about the kids? Wont it be harsh on them? It can be avoided by making the kids tough and exposing them to the outside world. But its really not that easy to take all this.

I therefore will conclude that being a part of defense force is tough, but getting married to a man who is in defense is not easy either.