Saturday, August 8, 2009

Hey friends I have decided to also put in some comical things on my blog, or maybe some jokes. Its always boring to read the serious serious things right? We need some laugh as well. So here goes, ill put up some funny things as well.

PS – I would continue my normal posting with it.


  1. hmm interestin thot.. but y put up jokes try n mk ur post comic itslf by evryday humour u cum across.. not only d readers will njoy it.. trust me evn u writin it will hv fun...

  2. i agree with sobhit.. :) :)

    Read a lot of blogs.. u'll get an idea as to wats happening :)

    Dont mind the jokes too... they'll be fun


  3. carry on dear... I will add u on mu blog and visit regularly ur

  4. humor is so important to keep u real.. btw loved the poem u posted.. nice blog.. keep posting..