Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Lack of human values in the millennium

Lack of human values in the millennium

“Character make a man”, “money lost nothing lost, Character lost, everything lost!!! All such moral have been heard and embedded in our minds and souls from times immemorial. All very good to hear and say through!

Cause when we look around the globe, read the global news all that we see and hear in very contradictory to what was imprinted in our minds about being a good and righteous balances human being with high levels of human values which is a great factor that differentiates us human from the other species and relatively makes us ride from getting recognition of humans who can value and respect gods creations and stand up as a race superior to other living beings on this earth.

Honesty in actions, words and deeds politeness, stainghtforwardness in talks and behavious, sincerity and understanding, respect towards one another, selflessness faithfulness are a few if many virtues that use to be found in earlier times, ut in this millennium we have been hearing and seeing all around us that these virtues ecist only on paper they have been long back buried under the tyrannical actions and thoughts of the modern people. Be they the local villagers who slaughter not only animals on the pretext of religious sacrifices but also their children if they are born a girl child. They even sell their children to gain a money to satiate their hunger for illicit liquor and relationships. They have no respect for women left in their heart. Playing around with a women’s modesty is an everyday affair. The innocence of the villagers is no more existing. And not to talk about the literate urban people who think that their honour lies in cheating, dumping and earing in a dishonest way. In urban cities women are no less to be blamed then men. A so called civilized literate women moves around with a cigarette in her hand with bare minimum clothing and all the values that a woman use to keep as a treasure she readily sells off shows us the direction and the trend of our modern society. Hence who can blame the men totally who allegedly go around raping women? Women who in the good old days were respecred as a goddess, a mother, a wife a treasured person.

But values have died.

What about the politicians, the doctors, the lawyers who are the main backbone of out society?

Today any lawyer can be bought with money. A lawyer can bend a case and buy witnesses for a meager amount. He sells himself even in the temple of justice.

Talking about temples, good lord! Even the pujaris and pandits fake their roles. Devotees are fooled and fat amounts are taken for puja’s and the religious minded people are so easy to fool that they pandits make merry. From the lord’s house the temple, the statues of the lord himself are stolen. What more can we talk about values?

The doctors who we say are next to god. God gives us life and doctors save out lives. But nowadays doctors swindle innocent patient who are at their mercy for several days. Money demands at the last moment at the time of operation are so high, the orfans of human body are discreetly removed and sold without the knowledge of the person. Where are the values and the oaths that the doctors take when they swear in to be of help to mankind?

When the word dishonesty comes the word politicians come rushing to our minds

In this millennium the politicians first fill up their pockets in a hurried manner. They enter politics so hat their generations can eat in peace without wodking. So what it the “pyaari jaanta”, “mango people” suffers. Whatever loan the world back gives for the benefit of the people’s betterment be it during earthquakes or famines or floods. Never really reaches the people. Our former leaders and social workers were true to their positions, they served nation selflessly but nowadays the leaders just gives verbal assurances “hum ye karenge aur who karenge” and so on.

OMG! When will the goodness and loyalty of each individual

Awaken again? When will we learn to possess virtues and when the time will come that an awakening takes place in our millennium the so called “ kaali yug” when will human values will not only be preached but also practices the generations to come will heave a sigh of relief.


  1. hmmm doin ur part of socail awareness..u go gurl :D.. u sure bot 2 post wot is very much visible des days...n worse still all xcpetd n blended well in d society.. tho i dunno abt u, talkin f general masses.... ifeel v all r awre f each f des thign but wen it cmes 2 our own selves.. v chicken out on most f d situations n do things easy way out... each person start doin it him/gerslf dats how things can b d way it shud b... but human bein r weak n not dat sttrong willed .. d 1s wich r strng willd go past d human dimension n reach d higher level.. funny fact dis .. u myt not accpt it, but knw wot :P if all get gud den der wud b no place in d goodliness world... n smhw feel if all rach dat higher level f not so human selves ..den d1s alrdy der wud b worried :P..now like i said.. a funny thot.. i personally try n find smthing 2 amuse myself 4m things den 2 feel bad.. yes certan obvius thing cant b amussin.. but den again u wana mk d worl rite.. 1st gota do it urself.. jst a general statemnt not tellin u no nothin.. n d aprt whr u mentiond women dressin in such a manner dat men cant b fully blamed 4 crime against women.. smhw i defer.. u knw its d mind frame n thinkin f humans dat mk dem such pervert... a jackass will feel same 2ward a females in fully coverd top 2 bottm n pthrwise.. yes few myt b incited by d skimpy dressin.. but den again d mind comes in2 play.. if its not dat peevertd .. no such crime wud hapn.. n if its all doomd.. den u cant help d jerks... phew.. i tend 2 post alot.. nehw anthr post 2 go thru n post commnts so all gud :P.. n ya cigratte alcohol sex drugs.. u knw wot nothin is rite or wrong its all abt wot 1 thinks n percvs.. wot 1 think is wrong wud b rite in books f othrs ..so v cant really challnge ne1.. but only share our thots... if dat helps ms1 out ..well n gud..else leave d person 2 his/her plight

  2. Hey Pooja !! that was really a good post .. I'm impressed.. I liked that part.. where you have mentioned about modern women becoming easily available. Even I think so.. Girls who expose more and smoke and drink are considered more modern and eligible to be with. On the other hand, simple girls don't get any attention. In fact, they get the title of being behan ji's or illiterate..

    Sorry If I exaggerated, but I had to take it out.

    Keep Penning ...


  3. tht was straight from the heart stuff...powerful write depicting the sad truth and harsh realities of life today!!!

  4. Heloz..hmm nice points tat yu hav shared..agreed most of the society is unjust nowadays, doctors,politicians, cops, lawyers.. but what have we the youth done? The root cause as we can see it the politicians who are the source of influence for most the above mentioned. Unless a foray of youth enter Politics and break the string of miseries, these are bound to cease!! Nice write up, hope some of them check your blog and give a second thought. take care...will keep visitin

  5. so many true facts.. nice read!

  6. Now those are some thought we all need to think off..but frankly its good to see atleast you thinking them..:)

    first time here, so liked ur design and following u..:D

  7. Hey!
    That was thought provoking and yet beautiful. Indians to be precise have lost their ethics and have gone in the favor of westernization which does not encourage the habit of embracing heritage, which in turn makes people blind towards their 'Dharma'.

    For the situation to change man should change spiritually, if not mentally!

    Great Going!