Saturday, August 1, 2009

Love Aaj Kal

I recently saw “ love aaj kal”, as it was from the director of “ Jab we met” I had a bit high hopes from it, atleast not better that jab we met the atleast like it. But it was nowhere like it ( I didn’t love any single movie recently, last was Rang de basanti ). I wont say love aaj kal is bad nor will I say its good, ill just say Ok! K .the cinematography is a bit poor, the song yeh duriyaan makes you wonder what duriya they are talking about?. Cause all they showed before that was this that how they hooked up. Well once when that is sorted out, even the later movie is sorta same. Like when harpreet goes to kolkatta and when she comes back??? Another was, he said was this that he went to that fort to give harpreet a surprise and that said should do the same, but I could not see any surprise element in it.

That harpreet is good, she pulled her character really well, but deepika, Ufff I still find her very very very pale, when will she give any expressions??? ( I dunno if you feel that or no, but I do. Maybe I am just able to see that part of her and not the other)
So to end up with, ill say an ok ok movie! Ie 3 on 5.


  1. Thanks for following my blog :). I watched this movie over the weekend and felt the same thing. It lacked something. I still don't know as to what. But something was missing.

    p.s. nice blog :).

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  3. oh.. i was in 2 minds to watch it or not.....

    Maybe i'll skip it.... :)

    So u r a movie buff... good :)


  4. i still have not seen the movie; after this blog; i feel like seeing it!! :P

  5. cudnt agree mre ... it was a dull movie ...
    i wasted my money :(

  6. hey . ws randomly goin thru pages wen came across urs.. d page link i think is d very essense f bloggin.. as in jst d thots dat ppl hv 2 post in blogs.. now went thru cpl f ur blogs randomly.. initially thot u r sm movie critic bloggin here.. but seems u got much more den dat.. tho i seriously feel u cud b a gud movie critic.. ur tk on love aaj kal is prtty much wot is shud b.. unlike mani odr females who say its a awesum movie.. nehw ur blogs on issues as dey seemd 2me were gud.. d way u present dem.... d pic sure portrays wot u wan2 say in brite lite.. only u need 2 add more wot u write.. n dats jst my opinion..tho i feel 1 shud alwaz stick 2 der style n wayz f writin ... d 1s wer u talk abt rape n issues wich show how disgusting a human psyche can b... in dis case mostly d male specimens, is whr u hit d nail rite on top .. but at d same tym i assume ur mature enuf 2knw dat not alls d same in dis world.. a corrupted mind n disgusting thots can reside in male females alike.. d kind f society dat our country is, male domination has been der.. not dat am preachin it here wen i say dat.. but den again dats d fact dat remains not only in interior f d states but also d metro... v still hv miles 2go b4 dis ends n i hope it sure does soon.. d post whr u write f how prostitiution is playin major role in d society n is reponsible 4 lesser rape rate.. tho d rate stills haunts, is sure a thot but den again human psyche is wot u can nvr understnd... if am not wrong i guess sm tym back in papers v had a case of some females rapin a male , now i dnt mean 2 potray d opposite sex in bad picture.. al am sayin is dat its d thots n psyche dat is 2b blamed not men or women.. yes in d kind f society v have, men surely r d 1s majorly at fault... but den again i blv females 2day r smart enuf 2 knw who 2b wid n who 2 stay away 4m... n as 4 freaks who jst dnt hv no respect 4 human beings.. dey r jerks not only 4d female specimen but d whole society in general... n jst ws readin "ur abt me" ..whr u wrote dat ppl can criticize ur post.. u fail 2 write dat ppl can appreciate it 2.. cos i guess more den critisizin wot u write. ppl readin dem wud b appreciatin ur thots.... specially d rich n poor 1.. how d food is wasted n stuff u wrote.. pretty thot provokin... tho lemme tell u i personaly knw ppl n at tym do d same.. dat get d left ovr packd 4m d restuarnt n gv it 2 sm poor chap on d streets.. so probably not alls gone woman... u still find sm refuge smwhr.. mayb u myt hv written abt dat 2.. only i hvnt been able 2 cme across dat yet.. but in all apart 4m d crisizin n aprreciations... sure worth d reads in ur link.. d way u hv a whole section on bollywood.. u sure a mumbaikar ... so guess will read more f ur stuff n probably comment alil...

  7. it was just about ok!!!
    the dialogues sort of saved it from ruin.

  8. I want fall into the debate whether the film was good or bad nor do i have any great knowledge about the technical aspects of the film. But yes, surely what I would like to mention about the film was that it was "Real". I felt like I was the protagonist. I could surely relate how "moving on", "being practical", and "too much professionalism" is taking a toll on our lives an making us less human every passing day. I loved the film from a humaniktarian perspective.

  9. but Ranga de basanti is before Jab we meet dear!!! that means us doesn't like JAb We Meet... :)