Thursday, August 27, 2009

Memories! ♥ ♥ ♥

Okay people, I am not that good at writing stories or writing down my memories, and the following post in one of them. So please bear with me

It was around 11.50pm, I was chatting with one of my really good friend abhishek. At sharp 12 my cell phone rang… my heart danced, I knew what was the call about but when I looked at the number who was calling it was some unknown number.

“hellooo”, I sang into the phone.

“happy birthday to you….” Someone was singing happy birthday to me.

And i was just trying to guess who it is, and when the song ended I recognized the voice it was abhishek who was chatting with me sometime back. We then kept talking for more 5mins and then he said,

“ ill hang up now, your other friends might be calling”

And I agreed.

He had left me utterly touched, he had replaced the place of my other best friends ( with who for some reason I don’t talk to now, though I miss them some times )

Sometime some people do such a small thing and you feel really touched, for him it was just wishing his lil sis, while for me it was a great deal.

Another such day I remember, we had planned a night out at one of my boyfriends friend ( who is my friend as well, and yes… abhishek is actually my boyfriends friend as well… I met him through my bf ) so everyone boozed for a while and then later, we thought we would play truth and dare, which was later just truth.

We decided every1 will ask each other questions and they will answer the truth.

It was my turn and salil, my boyfriend younger brother asked me, “ how do you feel about our family?, would you be able to get married to rohan and live with us?”, my answer was “ yes”.

And then abhishek said ( he was recently been ditched by a girl then) “ I though there is nothing like true love in this world, and then I saw pooja and rohan that makes me say, that there is love still somewhere”

Rohan kissed me on my forehead that time, and no one saw except abhishek and he announced to everyone, that he kissed me and everyone else were grinning and I melted in rohans arm J

And the last episode I remember is when me and rohan had a big fight and almost broke up, every one else said it was after all my decision, do what you feel is right and all. And it was abhishek who said “ take care, and whenever you need me I am right there for you, just gimme a call or else buzz me and ill be there”, and even though it was all the breakup I was going through that made me smile in a instant.

And now ull be thinking why am I talking about abhishek so much. The reason is that its been 2months and I have not talked to him, his cell is switched off his residence number is never picked up by anyone. We tried going to his place but it seemed as if no one is home. And I am missing him like hell. I just want him back right now! M really missing him. ( and if u guys are getting any second thoughts that I am hitting on him and all, then please lemme specify there is a bro – sis relation between us nothing like I like him and all.)

And below is a short note or maybe a story or whatever youll like to call it… abhishek had written this for me and rohan about few months back. I am just copy pasting what he wrote.

Ek Choti Si Love Story .. Jo ab Choti Nahi Rahi

A short love story about two most AWESOME people I know.

It was a year ago, When we all must have heard Rohan saying “I Love You” to someone so speacial in his life. And you’ll are right, It was “Pooja Mahimkar”. Knowing the fact that they can’t live without each other, They still have their ups & downs.

As time has passed both of them have have matured in this relationship. In our small little group, We’ve enjoyed every single moment with you guys! It feels imcomplete without you guys together.

Just yesterday’s incident, When we were waiting for Rohan to come below his house, Pooja must have asked me “Where is Rohan?” atleast 5 – 6 times! So, This is what I’m talking about. It feels incomplete.

Hey! Sorry, I’m very bad writer! So, Didn’t know how to end it, So please don’t mind.

Wish you guys luck for the future! Take Care.

And Hey ….

This Relationship is Gonna Be

LEGEN ….. Wait for It ….. DARY


  1. oh good story...may you find Abhishek before your marriage...:D

  2. noooo, i wanna meet him before my bday!

  3. mil jaayega jald hi Insha allah:)
    dhoondho acche se, dhoondne se kya nhi milta?

  4. so wen ur b'day gal?? happy birthday to u wenever it comes... m a stranger who s following ur blog... but one thing i wud like to say that "its always the girl who has to hold on to the bitter tastes of any relationship..cuz guys r not very emotional n v tend to forget past easily".. i jus can wish u botha happy life...filled with love and ur care... but trust me wt i said above is true.... try to do it.. it WORKS..i'l be honoured if u can let this comment printed.

  5. hmm..thanks simba tango...but still i am getting restless without him.

  6. who is in da picture....rohan or abhishk?? LOL.
    All the best to you guys....n u r lucky to have a bro like dat. But more than a bro-sis relationship, n u with rohad as a g/f b/f stuff....i will ask u 3 guys to stay as friends. I think abhisk n u share a relation of friends, and for the world u dnt have to give a name.....give a f*** u attitude babe.....u r clean at heart then who cares....anyways, wish u guys luck and hope u guys rock always as friends. :)

  7. lol...the guy in the pic is abhi sonali :)

  8. From you words, I think that you respect the love(brotherly) of Abhishek more than that of the puppy love(as it has got broken) of Rohan... It's really great buddy...