Sunday, August 16, 2009

Slumdog Crorepati V/S Slumdog Millionaire

Yesterday I saw slumdog crorepati the hindi, dubbing of well known movie slumdog millionaire by the end of the movie, I was glad that it was originally made in English and not in hindi, don’t get me wrong I am not anti hindi or an English lover who loves to show off and all. But really, the dubbing would make you laugh.

I don’t understand why when a movie is dubbed in Hindi, it sounds so funny? It looses all its glamour the entire moral and the entire message. I mean I don’t know we don’t find normal hindi movie that tacky, but when we watch a dubbed movie, it sounds really very funny. Why is that?

I guess, they should try making a dubbed movie a bit more realistic, I mean the movie should not loose its real essence.

Well, I guess ill find something more about it, as in why they dub a movie in a funny fashion :P


  1. heh heh heh...dubbing has funny dialogues tooo..

    'Tune liya mujhse panga, tu hua nanga,' was a dialogue by Chris Tucker in Rush Hour 3 in Hindi, on BO yesterday...:P

  2. Yeah i don't like these dubbed movies too..completely takes away the charm and the movie cannot be enjoyed the same way. Slumdog millionaire is so much better in English. Didn't like the Hindi version at all..I watched it again last night too(the dubbed one) :)

  3. you are write..dubbed versions of movies are entirely different from original ones. By the way you look really sweet.

  4. you are right..dubbed versions of movies are entirely different from original ones. By the way you look really sweet.

  5. Well,
    I might be biased but I didn't like Slumdog Millionaire at all. lest alone the Indian version. It is a cheapo and degrading film about India and all the critics and movie goers revere it like an epic.

    There are many more bbeter movies around, the best substitute to Slumdog is "Cidade de Deus", watch it and you will be petrified!

    As about the post, true, the dubbing is sick. I remember watching "Pearl Harbour" in Telugu and the title's translation was "Aakasam Lo Bhukampam", which means "Earthquake in the Sky!" Dubbed movies always suck! :P

    You have a clean blog out there!
    Expect me around!


  6. i didnt like slumdog....cenima wise its good.. but iam not sure abt the motive behind making it....
    yes dubbings are funny ...enjoy the funny side of it ya..

    neways just dropped by to say hi..n am happy to see you read my blog

  7. the answr is simple : nothing could compliment the ORIGINAL :)

  8. Yeah Agree wit you. Dubbed movies sound so funny. Once I saw Titanic in Hindi. In one of the last scenes, the ship personnel shouts on one man as "Tumhe is ki bharpai karni hogi" and it left us laughing like anything.

    Still remember that and laugh at it.

  9. O yu shud see all the Jackie chan movies dubbed to regional languages,especially Tamil..OMG...they totally change all the dialogues to suit the audiences and boy its so funny some time, but then loses its orignal flavour!

    H a R y