Friday, August 28, 2009


Okay! So I had gone to charni road today, and while coming back I was waiting for the bus to come. Atlast the bus came, and I hurried my way out of the crowd to get in the buss, so there was this man who seemed good, like all educated and everything. As the bus approached he started saying to no one in particular “ go slow”, I was still in my hurried mood so I pushed my way through the crowd and don’t know from where I saw his hand well near my breast ready to enjoy the moment as I get into the bus. As I had noticed it, I first slapped him hand out of the way and then got into the bus.

As usual the buss was full and there was no place to sit, so I headed to the front side of the bus and waited behind the drivers sit, where there was grill so I could hold on the grill and stand.

After like 5minutes, I realized that some one was touching my hand from side, I looked around it was him again, and the next moment I realized that he was trying to rub his Pe**s to my backside, I turned around and gave him a look that would have made any guy understand that he was supposed to STOP HIS MISSBEHAVIOUR THAT VERY MOMENT.

But he continued, like most of the men do who try to touch women in crowded places, and women who feel it will be insulting to tell him to stop or the way we say it “abhla nari”or I don’t know what they feel to speak up maybe they are shy or something like that. But I was not one of them at all, i turned around and spoke in a loud voice “ is trying to touch me necessary?? Cant you stand properly?”, his face fell. And suddenly other people started to watch him angrily nd he got down at the next stop.


Why is it so that there are such men in the society? I mean to say, women just go on taking crap from such men and never speak up. But they should or else these men would never stop.

In a land where women is treated like goddess people do such things? What hypocrites they are.

Well, I would just like to conclude saying to all the women who are reading this, never let anything like that happen to you, and if it happens with you then please speak up. That’s the only way these people will realize their mistakes and never do it again to any other girl. And for guys who are reading this and who do what I just mentioned for them “STOP BEING HYPOCRATES”

Ps - I am not saying I am proud of what happened, or wants to boost about myself. But I guess this is something i should write about.


  1. excellent one puja...bulls eye...bang on...u were very correct with the think dat most women leave these stuffs as either fear or fun or wtever u call...but as u said women shud speak up..against it...itsa society dominated by women...its a nation run by the women prez...and also its a land of women goddessess...being a guy i feel ashamed of such bastards' existence....but then a society has all this...what i can say is to beat those asses up right there and let them suffe to their core...n m proud to hear of wt u time dont think jus bash them...but yeah once again be careful..m sorry i've to say this..but yeah being girl that extra safe thought never leave ur sense ..atleast in public..

    good post...cheers....

  2. well sad such incidences hapns,,, n more den askin such guys 2 stop bein hypocrites... u shud hv written stop bein such morons..@#%$@$%@#$$.. so gud u shouted n made ur point across ... probably shud hv slappd d fool across his face ... but kudos 2u.. n sure more women gota tk u as exmple n act den n der... jst wot i mentiond in my last post.. 4 women n ppl 2do smthing against such jerks n not post how ugly des pests mk things out der 4 women... so sory 2knw such stuff hapnd wid u.. n on ur part hats off 2ur act... gota b brave n gutsy full marks 2u in dat deppt... still hope nothin such repeats or hapns again wid u or ne1 again... so carry pepper spray n all if requrd.. rest hope such things dont hapn again....

  3. Excellent post Pooja right to the point...

    Gosh, I feel only one wrong thing you shouted at him in public...

    you should have slapped him and beaten him on his crouch...

    that way he would not only feel ashamed but disgusted about himself...

    And yes as far as the abla nari goes...if they start doing nothing dey are going to face mental and physical abuse everywhere they go...worse, the person abusing feels the lady likes it as she is not opposing resulting into other things so...

    Such acts should be nipped into bud...

  4. it takes all kinda people to make this world...u shud've slapped him so hard his teeth shud have fallen out.....

  5. in the first sorry to hear abt wat happened! real sick ppl are ..i agree bus travel especially i never encourage my friends and sisters to go in that! very sorry again for yu! but thats brave wat yu did!..cya

  6. Many people look educated and they myt b from well to do family but dey think from der BALLS!!! This is why i started the blog for....but was not supported by anybody, so i started writting what people want to read.... once i have enough followers i will get back to what i want them to read. Please dont mind pooja but i would request u to read my 1st 5-6postd.....u will understand y did i came to dis blog-spot. I m fed up of such bastards, and the society is filled with such cun** who could f**** their own mother if they get a chance,,,......sorry for such a comment but when i come across such jerks i give it to them nicely.....not just by words but wth ma knee on der croches..... mthr f*****S.....anyways, feel free to delete ma comment, but i seriously have seen enough of such men and pls do read ma early posts wen u get time..........wen i started writtin, people said i had opened a porn blog, lol!!!!
    anyways, i think u did da ryt thing by writtin it, and always do ryt wen such sick things happn...many people r unaware of such jerks!

  7. i agree with you sonali. these people need to get right on their faces. and i wont delete your comment i agree with you in even single thing you said and i will read your earlier post and comment asap.

  8. the vry frst tyme hav dropped here nd culdn't stop commnting on dis post of urs..jus hats off to the action taken by u..will def b a mssg for other girls who beum victims of such hypocracy..
    well done..though i feel sorry for u had to face all dis..
    newys nice blog..

  9. hey hi !I followed u today on reading this postf urs.Seriously u need guts to do such a thing and I am proud of u..

  10. keep it up sweetzzz... when i read u, my instincts say we have somethings in common..

  11. Brave post buddy!

    You just stood distinct among the girls who just dump all these pains within themselves...

    I appreciate you for not only acting bravely in the bus, but also writing a thought provoking post on it.

    Keep it up buddy!

  12. I'm proud of you for standing up for yourself. That was a good thing. If only all women learn to stand up against eve teasing in public places and public transport, it would make things much better.
    God bless you.

  13. Though its disheartening to know about the behavior of such guys who find these kinda cheap pleasures... its commendable on ur part to hav given him back what he deserves.. well done.. there are not many ladies who give it back and the worse, they dont even open about this to anybody..

    hope these kinda reactions bring atleast a small change among those people

  14. What is Hypocrates btw... if my memory is correct he is someone associated with medicine right?(remember 'hippocratic oath')

  15. Nice to know many guys reacting so furiously although I know the post is a bit late....
    Hope you guys translate words to action in real life

    A few months back a girl was stabbed to death in full public view at the India gate by her (ex)lover