Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Teere Saang

Teera Saang

I saw teere saang recently, before it was released people used to say it’s the Indian version of juno ( Which is soo not true). Yes the story line is the same about a girl getting pregnant when is she still underage. But the way it is shown is totally different. It showed the real Indian mentality.

One thing they said in the movie and I truly agree to it is this that what really determines whether the girl is mature or not? As they said In the movie, there are different rules and different age limits of when is a girl legally said to be an adult in different countries. If a girl and a boy are mature enough to have sex then I guess they are mature enough to even have a baby and get married. Look, I am not saying everyone in this world should do that, but if by mistake something like this happens then what is wrong with that? Why does society treats it like something bad? Like something evil? As if its something that a human being should not do?

Now you’ll say, that if a girl gets pregnant when is still young she wont be able to take care of the child and all. Well yes, agreed. But then what are her parents for then? anywhich ways these days both parents work and the kids are grown up by their grand parents. So if they can do it then, then why not now?

Parents always want their daughters to get married as soon as they reach 23 or 24, but if their daughter gets pregnant at 20 it’s a crime. I mean WTF???

One other thing I liked about the movie is this that, they didn’t show that they get married and left their studies and settle down and all that crap. But rather showed that she contines her studies and both the families accept their kids.

I guess, Indian people really need to change their way of thinking atleast a bit.

I would say this movie was satish kaushiks best movie ever.

P.S - I don’t know what you all will say to this, but I would love to hear your views on this matter.


  1. I must say pooja I do not totally agree with you...
    you see, if a girl and boy are mature to have sex, then they also should have the courage to face the consequences..
    I did not see the movie, but if the tendency of having a fling comes too often, then we might end up as a society with single mommies and daddies isn't it??
    Now...if both the boy and girl are willing to support each other then...who cares about parent?? Pls wat are day care units for??? :D

    Will catch that movie this weekend...

  2. Yeah I agree with you to some extent. Thant we need to change our mindsets. It's ok to have sex if both the partners are willing, but having kids in small age. It's not wise from the point of view of girl's health as well as the the kid.

    If we are not independent enough to support our child, we don't have any right to give them birth. First be independent, earn well then think about having a kid.

    I know sometimes, it happens by mistake but then there are precautions as well to avoid the pregnancy. If a girl or a boy is mature enough to have sex, she/he must be having knowledge about the precautions as well :)

  3. Its about stability dear. If a girl wants to give birth to the child, she should have the mean to take care of the new born. Physical maturity n mental growth is different. I do feel its wrong to have sex at an early age still if u do get pregnant, i think at that time u need more of support and not humiliation.
    Nice post pooja and i agree with u in almost all what you said.
    Well done again.

  4. hmm dint i tell u tk up d job f movie critic seriously.. think f it on prfessional level :P... 4 u sure seem 2b watchin evry movie n givin reviews 4 it.. jst 1 thing dnt let out d story n spoil it 4 ppl who wan2 in u said u liked d end f d movie n hows it ends (now am not gona watch d movie nehw so doesnt mattrs 2me.. ppl who wud like 2 wud go.. ahh now v knw wot hapns in d end )..n as u go sayin y not let d kids hv kids :P as n wen dey want.. wel trust me if dat hapns den all v gona hv is kids all arnd n adults speices wud b exticnt in yrs 2 cme :P.. on a serious note ,,yes no1 can define rite n wrong 4 ne1..gud u think dat way..but certain notms r bttr if follwd, 2hv sex or not is compltly 2 individuals choice..but havin kids n bringin dem up.. dnt think so.. i mean come onhm mature u think d teens act ?? all f us hv been thru d teenage n lookin back at dos yrs v all wud laf n feel hw stupid v wer.. not talkin f d movie jst sayin generally.. motherhood is smthin 4 wich not only d mind but d body n way f thinkin all need 2b ready 4 it... dats my tk.. jst sayin cos i aint no exprnc in dat deppt :P nor will i ... mayb fatherhood aftr yrs 4m now but not d ord hood :P.. well n i dint saw juno eithr so dunno d diff or similarity btwen d 2.. jst sayin movies n real life is diff... happy ending in movies vry common.. place d picture in rfeal life scenario.. n i dbt a happy endin... world n tyms r changin no dbt abt dat.. but certain things it seems 2me r bttr how dey were n still r supposd 2b.. well des r just my thot... :P wot else can i say

  5. if therwe is no medical complications and the guy and the girl are matured enuf to face it all, then its not a crime. but kept the emotional part aside, practically - people with 8 years of work experience in middle management is finding it hard to grow their kids, i wonder how much success an under age parent be. and taking ur words on parenting - grand parents cud NEVER be parents. its better to stick to the law and not experiment wen u r not ready for the consequenses.

  6. Pak Karamu reading and visiting your blog

  7. Hello Pooja,
    I do like your views but there are some points on which I don't agree and would like to express my concerns about those in the most polite manner, not to hurt anyone but just to present my viewpoint.

    I don't think that if a a couple is mature enough to have sex then they're mature enough to raise a baby.There have been instances when a girl would indulge into sex just for the sake of experimentation or fun, neglecting the consequences. Secondly, given the society we live in and the value system we have, if someone is mature enough he/she won't sleep with someone before getting married...I know it sounds too ideal to be true these days but still, the person should be mature enough to take proper precautions, shouldn't she?

    Anyways, I liked the idea that we also need to change our "Indian" mentality and if something like that happens then parents should support the girl because she doesn't have anyone else to fall back upon.

  8. m shubh..yea m agree with ur views..that if both boyz and girls having a mutual understand abut sex and they willing to support each other..then really who do cares about rest..

  9. Gosh!
    How could you survive through the movie!
    I nearly piked halfway through. However it is, any person in the world has the right to decide what's good and what's not for him. I guess the answer lies in that!

  10. Hey Pooja,

    I can't agree with your word this time..

    The maturity of boy & girl to have sex just shows their physical capability to do that... Even they cannot be called as physically qualified in the case of a guy n girl of 14 or 15 yrs...

    To get married and to have a child, something more than the maturity to have sex is essential buddy... it needs a kind of maturity that wraps up the unconditional love for each other, mutual respect, patience, unshattering trust and so on.

    Sex is just the physical pleasure. If it is the case as u say, then ppl loose their virginity just for the sake of a fleshy pleasure to anyone... That is not the healthy environment dude...