Wednesday, August 12, 2009

What Are We Doing???

On my previous post, I got a few coments saying that I have wrote the truth about society but when It comes to do something on ourself we chicken out. Well I completely agree with that.

I did what most people on this planet does I just blamed and critised other people. But when I came to think of it what have I done for the country, I can hardly name a few. Yes but one thing for sure, I atleast aim for doing something for the country. Like I wanted to join defence, but being a girl I knew it since day one that my family wont allow me to do so no matter how much I persuade them. So I dropped the plan. So when I started thinking in what way can I serve my country with my families permission so I thought of journalism. I know I am not great at writing and all, and have minimal knowledge about politics. But I still wish do to my bit for my country.

We say, “ Kuch nahi hoga is desh ka”, stop being cynical. Look around India is not the same anymore. It is progressing slowly but still. We say India needs young leaders but if we ask young generation they have their dreams elsewhere like settling down in some other country. All they want is get out of the country. go abroad for studying or earn money and then just settle down there. I am not saying don’t get higher studies or something like that. But India has got one of the best education system. Now you people will say, that what is the use of education if we got get any job here cause of corruption. Well that’s just a matter of time and for people to change their way of thinking. We are going to rule this country in few years we will be the earning population then. if we stop taking bribes and avoid corruption then maybe our next generation will get a better life.

Our leaders died to free our country from the rule of the west. They called our country our mother and we still say “ vande mataram” . and now we say, that this country got no future means you just say that to your MOTHER land. And now we go to the west and serve them, which again shows that they still rule most of us.

We say, why should we change it, let others do it and others think the same. Just change the way we think. If we change it now, out next generation which is no one else but our own kids will live a better life. India got a huge manpower. And I would just say “ united we stand, divided we fall”. I guess you will get what I mean by that.



  1. hmm seems u tuks sm criticism 2 serious on urself.. nehw hope ppl readin ur posts do mk d move in der lives dan askin wots others doin.. like i said no point tellin ne1 nothin .. gota do wot u gota do urself... n dats a general statemnt nothin 2do wid u... youth leaders sure needed.. but d system is so fuckd up dat u cant really help dat,,, corruption has becum synonomous wid poilitcs... ppl say youth politicians can do wonders 4d country.. i laff at it... cos if u knw student politics dat goes on in colgs u will knw y am laffin... so yes myb d thos n intellct sure more wid d youth sans exprnc.. but dat is d only edge d oldies hv.. as 4d corruption n stuff.. dats nothin 2do wid age... anthr thing wich i myt point out in ur blog.. not vry rosy 4u 2 read sych commnts but den again i type wot i feel like,,,, d education system u talkin of... well i personally blv india sure is way ahd wen it cums 2 theoritical education... but d systm itself is not sufficient 4 wot is needed... n no i dnt think its d best education system v hv in d country... its gud but still lot needs 2b done in terms f infrastrcture n stuff.. but dats my perspctv.. am not challengin ne1 n no cant challnge me... v all in d country hv d liberty 2 think n speak wot v wan2 ryt ?? :P n ya u cudnt join d defense but u knw der r mani othr ways u can help out n serve d country.. evn as normal citizens v can do our bit by honestly goin abt our jobs .. diif ways but all serves d country only.. so keep postin.. n probably lot f othr ppl wud do sm gud readin ur post.. n wid such posts i assume u urself r alrdy doin ur bit 4d country :D... xcuse me if got alil rude but dats how it is...

  2. hmm..cant deny, really admire yur post now..agreed we all chicken out, and just as yu said, i wanted to enter the defense/Navy or whatsover and in fact cleared the first round when my situation was somehow find a job that'd earn me some money. So thats the way we Indians all are... We need to realise what is wrong and what is right in the first place..United we stand, divided we fall..well said!! cheers..cya around

    H a R y

  3. Reading ur passionate posts(this one n previous) rmindd me of my own posts nd views.
    I dont know how gud u r in stdies, bt if u really wanna do sumthing 4 country, thn aspire 4 civil services rathr thn journalism. u still have lot of years 2 chalk it out.
    keep this passion brning in u nd tak my wrds, u cn go a long way:)
    nd yeah, u did a gud thing by introspecting in this post. Thts alwez handy b4 posting. If u hd done tht b4 posting previous post, thn thr wud hav been no need 4 this one, nd the previous one wud have soundd more practical thn virtuos.
    keep thm cuming.. um blogrolling u:)

  4. pertinent post!!!
    u raise issues, important ones which are in dire need of attention!!!
    Every Independence Day I end up talking on the same lines as well.

  5. Hey! nice blog..your issues which you discussed really thinkable..i like your thoughts so much...i will come here soon..