Tuesday, September 8, 2009


Hey people, well this is just a random post. You know I am getting paranoid since yesterday. Getting sadness attacks or maybe its more of hyperness attacks or whatever you would like to call it. Its my 18th birthday on this 10th and nothing is planned nothing is actually decided of what to do. And whatever can possibly go wrong on the big day, already has.

Its was supposed to be one of the best days of my life. I mean you don’t turn into an adult everyday, do you? I was supposed to be treated like a princess on that day and now its nothing even close to being a princess. God! This is so depressing yaa.

I just don’t know. I wanted this day to be just perfect. Like not even a minute or a second or for in that case I don’t even want a micro second to go wrong. And now its like the whole day is going wrong.

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa………… this is now getting me more insane. Well so ill end it here.. cya people

Well hope I atleast get a nice chocolate cake… you know chocolate helps to get over depression :P


  1. Hey Pooja..

    My advanced birthday wishes for you!!!

    May god bless to make all dreams true and get all the things that you wish...

    Wish the day rocks for u! :-)

  2. Happy birthday wishes in advance Dear ..!

    Hope you will enjoy the day !

  3. wishes on the b'day

    but really yeah things like that do happen..unexpected.. m sure u will get over it..

    n happy adult-life


  4. Hey don't feel sad... You can make it special if you want... Invite some of your best friends, organize a party and have a blast...

    Don't be a spoil sport...

    Go and enjoy the Day. And yeah, my best wishes are with you for the day...

  5. 18th????? That itself is a big landmark, as after 10th of this month u can proudly show your age proof and watch those mushy mushy movies, hahahahahaha.....
    Dont worry dear, everything is planned...ssshhhh....trust me, its gonna b a gr8 1 ;)

  6. all d best 4 one day..

    and happy 18th birthday!!!

  7. Advance birthday wishes Pooja... :) yu a choco addict? me toooo? i wud live in that rather!! tak care...have a bash!..chk out my new post!cya

  8. Hey Pooja,

    As you wished in one of ur earlier post, have you met ur bro Abhishek dude?

  9. no dude... still not met him. hope hez fine.. miss him.

  10. hey newly-framed adult

    u have been tagged... and thats a birthday gift

    check my posts

  11. hi hv tagged u on my blog... get tym do cmplete it up

  12. Hey Pooja,

    Wish you many many happy returns of this day. Enjoy ur day!

    Happy Birthday!

  13. Hey Pooja,

    A very happy belated birthday. Hope you had a good one :).