Sunday, September 6, 2009

Ganpati Visarjan 2009

Hey ya people. I know I am late to post this thing, but I really never had time to write and whenever I was free I was feeling very lazy to write. So I guess, better late then never.

So it was a few days back, during ganpati visarjan, I go to watch the visarjan every year with my mom but this year mom was out of town and I had to go all by my own. I got up at 8 and was all set to go though I knew I had to reach there by 2 but I was so very exited for the thing that I could hardly sleep.

I reached there at 2.30pm and I was still very early. I went to the girgaum chowpatty it was clean and everything arranged properly so that the ganpati visarjan will go smooth. There were even loads of police men, RSP and NCC students standing in a line to control the rush that will come in a few hours… as ganpatis started coming I started my way in the reverse direction to see the ganpatis in a quicker way. I have uploaded some of the photos here as well..

It was really a wonderful experience to wander around alone. With absolutely no idea of how I will reach home and what will happen was sort of like a adventure when you know that you wont get a bus home and you wont find an open restaurant or any shop to ask directions for.. you’ll be surrounded by people, but you wont dare talk to those people because their appearance itself will scare you off ( they are all red and yellow, cause of the gulal they use ) and all fireworks around. Its different and its fun :D


  1. hi nice post
    lot of pics
    phone camera?

  2. I have never watched Ganapathi Visarjan before, and this helped me to see it at least virtually!

    Great collection of pics and patience pays :D


  3. wonderful!! :-) these surely are not 'some' photos.. hehe..

    I utterly totally completely miss Mumbai on this day.. thanks for showing the pics.. :-)

    keep writing..

  4. Wow that is nice...did you see Shivaji from Star Pravah...i heard he was on streets...

  5. nice pics....i really wanted to see these once at least... festivals in India are sure fun and a sight to watch!...thanks for the pics..hope i get the blessings :) tak care!

  6. Nice pics ! You made me a part of the celebrations :) love with me and life

    Didn't come to my blog for long ..?

    Anyways take care and god bless

  7. dats was a visual treat....nice post :)

  8. THANK U....PUJA!