Saturday, September 26, 2009

how i met your mother

Yay! How I met your mother is back! :D

After waiting for so long I was glad to see the season 5. but one thing made me think when robin and barney hook up and like for 1000 times. And in previous season robin was dating ted. I mean in India when your best friend is dating some girl that girl is somewat like your own sister. I have some across people who call their best friends girlfriend bhabhi or vahini ( in marathi ) and whats shown in HIMYM is completely opposite to Indian culture. I mean it shows how life really is in there.

Also in one episode its shown that barney tells ted that he would like have sex with his sister.and ted just takes it as lightly as if it was just another girl barney was talking about having sex. If that would have been in India barney would have been dead that very moment.

I am not criticizing the series, I love it myself. But there are some things that are so different in there and here. I mean you sleep with your friend and the next day you act just as casual about it. Or like sleep with your best friends sister or his girlfriend. Its like all they want is sex.

With all the modernization and Indians getting more influenced by the west world and their lifestyle. I just hope their lifestyle really don’t take over our culture. We have got some ethics which are worth preserving. And that’s what makes us different from them.


  1. I really do not think capitalizing on Indian culture is like nothing what the show or the culture is about...

    i mean don't u see? ppl go on dating their school friend...c'mon...since 9th grade??? and end up in a divorce faster!!!

    there are women in India who are unhappy with their married life for around 30-40 years and carry that worries to their death bed.

    In the show as well as in their civilization, dating, marrying is not such a big deal.

    I do not like the show...and i do not think comparing it with our culture is not apt. As our culture is nothing close to what theirs is.

    Quoting a sentence from a marathi play here, 'Tyancha bhavyitya bhaga, nagnatva nahi.'
    Means... 'Adopt their grandeyour, not their nakedness in your culture.'

  2. everone loves himym..

    try to watch "one tree hill"... m sure u will love it... all about teenage love,relationships,friends and sex...

  3. So true...even I love the series but some things are just way beyond our ethos and culture...but there's an upside to this one of the episodes Barney goes on to state the "3 day rule" was invented by Jesus...back here in India it wud've flared a riot...

  4. come on we guys too say stupid stuff without meaning like that..and without caring we go on..atlest when we are

  5. very true.. atleast these are the least affected areas of our ethics and culture.. but, i am sure we are going in the western way in need of 'sex' irrespective of the relation we have with the partner... pray that some where the line is drawn to differentiate ourselves with the western countries in this aspect..

  6. Yes ... Its very true... By the name of 'Modernisation', it is westernisation happening in our country.... It's safe until it disturbs the core of ethics... It's that ethic and culture which is preserving us to grow a health and prestigious life...

  7. Good one!
    Very apt post at these troublesome times where there is a visible cultural dent on the youth of this country.

    We should save our own culture!

    Good write up!

  8. Good Friends have a way of pulling each others leg and not getting too offended by it..
    It happens all the time even in our Mumbai..
    Its better to say it openly then harbor hidden feelings about your friends sister..Its a normal thought almost every guy has if the sister is attractive..
    we just dont say it out aloud..
    And as far as robin dating barney now..its just not about sex..and who slept with whom..
    Its about finding love..
    You really need a good humping pooja..get laid and chill out..
    Let see if you post this..