Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Reality shows

whats with the television people these days? I agree reality shows are fun sometimes but they are just going a bit over the top these days. Whats with the reality shows like rakhi ka swayamvar and perfect bride and pati patni aur who??

I am sure they will get the highest TRP’s but they are just making fun of the most sacred relationship in India. I mean now swayamvar is over, well I watched it myself I found it really stupid yet a fun way to laugh. With just one show like that was ok… but now it’s a bit over the top. Now there is perfect bride where they will find a perfect match and get them married and then there is pati patni aur woh where they will married and take care of a child. Now I guess its not far away that they will start a show showing the honey moon and how to impress your mother – in – law and how to keep your husband in your control.


  1. Really true.. day by day, the reality shows are getting absurd and over the top.. almost all the shows have some kind of controversy and some problem is cooked up between the participants and the judges or among the participants.... very amateurish and artificial.. showing it blatantly that they are scripted...

    considering the way in which they find matches, get them married, ask them to take care of children.. i am sure the days where the couple perform their romance session on stage.. and they conduct a competition with these..

    but one thing u have to appreciate is that.. they give you a hearty laugh when u watch it.. thus succeeding in being a true entertainer..

  2. Reality shows are just going beyond the limit these days... these shows may allure the ppl to get a high TRP... but it really spoilling the purity of some divine relationships...

    Hope we ppl throw out of these reality shows out of our schedule...

    Good day Pooja!!!

  3. People should be intelligent enough about not bothering for such 'things' ! If one is intent on wasting his time and mind on such things, it's their wish .. and anyways we have 100's of TV channels to choose from, I'm least bothered what is being aired which doesn't interest me !

    P.S. Some people like watching such shows like Rakhi's, Ekta Kappor's etc ... coz it's their wish ... while others spend time watching fake shows like Roadies, Splitsvilla, etc .. who are we to moral police !!!

    Let us enjoy the democracy !

  4. A deception laced with gliterry. They are nothing short of a hoax!

  5. i heard somewhere...that rakhi sawant realized its a marriage show after the end of season... is it???

    I really have no clues about this shows...