Saturday, October 24, 2009

Me aur meri maggie!

it was after school me and my boyfriend decided to spend the day at my place watching movies one after the other as my mother was out of town for a month. after the tiring school and french classes later we came back home around 2 pm. starving to eat something. just then i made a streaming hot bowl of maggie and we ate it together from the same bowl. made us sortof close. and it was fun watching movies reclining on bed and eating maggie. maggie used to save us from starving back in school days.

and now 3 years later, its still the same. whenever mom's not home and i have to eat something its always maggie.

Maggie has touched many people’s life. I have kids in my neighborhood who come back home from school and have a bowl of Maggie. We sometimes even have a Maggie get- together when all the kids in the society gather at my place and we enjoy our Maggie.

So thankyou to whosoever who created Maggie! You have saved us a lot of time from starving.

P.S – if you are thinking why I am suddenly falling in love with Maggie, well then it is because I was starving a hour back and Maggie saved me again :P


  1. Who doesn't crave for maggi?
    Maggi is the sole reason for the survival of many urban kids in this century!
    Hats off to Nestle.

    And to you too, for bringing out some nostalgia out of a boring day.


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  3. Hahah! Cute post!!

    And yes, Maggie rocks!

  4. I'm sorry to say, i don't like maggie!!
    Its really sweet reading your blog :) Happy blogging.