Sunday, October 4, 2009

Rains rains rains….

Its pouring here in Mumbai and also in many other places in India. Well, yes now you’ll say its good its raining we need it we need water. But why is it raining in October? Its not the time when it should rain. And it’s not like normal rain it’s raining cats and dogs. Flooding everything stopping transportation and creating many other problems.

Well, when it happened a few years back we blamed the government for poor drainage system and what not. But I guess its not about government anymore its us. We hear about global warming every now and then. but no one pays heed to it. We are happy with the way we are. Why to think about what will happen 100 years later?

But then what about the human who will be there on earth that time? Why should they suffer because of our ignorance? I understand its really difficult to live without electricity and everything. And its also very difficult to lead a comfortable life if we sit in dark or without fan and AC and that’s not all.. our life is very much dependent on other house hold appliances which leads to global warming. If we cant stop it then try to find an alternative.

Like if you don’t need AC much then start he fan. And if you are in the hall then switch off bedrooms light. Or turn off the TV from the main switch or remove the mobile charger from the socket when not charging the cell phone. And most of all.. plant trees! Stop using plastic bags.

I know all these things I mentioned might sound childish and something that we all know of. But are we really paying any head to it? During summer we are sick of the heat and during monsoon it rains as if it will drown the whole world. We all know what we are about to face in a couple of years and still not doing anything about it.

Its time people. Its really the time that we should stop sitting back home not caring about the future and thinking that someone else might be doing it. It has to be us now.

Just start by avoiding plastic bags and planting trees or planting small plants in your surrounding and using as much less electricity as possible.


  1. yeah global warming is bad...small things we can change the world.

    lets save the planet earth, the only planet with Coffee.

  2. now thats a nice message...and well framed pics!... save the planet ppl!!, yeah the AC is enuf!! and not to forget people never switch of their PC after they leave from work, just lock and leave! how much energy!!..nice post...hav'nt seen yu around a while...busy bee? :)

  3. @ hary!! yup sort off. how are you anyway?

  4. Well, a cool post with a needy message...

    It's really hign time that we need to do some things to tackle this problem... But still we ppl just bcoz of our lazyness and carelessness, spoiling the nature and the lovable environment around us....

    Hope things get better with us in the coming days!

  5. hi pooja..
    feeling good that u have taken a step forward from the crowd.. go ahead... :)