Thursday, October 22, 2009

this and that! again :P

Hello people. I just finshed reading 2 states by chetan bhagat. Well it was chetan bhagat’s book of its obvious that I would love it. It made me think that even I should write a story about my love life. But the thing is I dunno how should I write a love story??? I am stuckkk so help needed! I don’t even know how should I start it.

The book was about 2 people a boy and a girl who are in love and wants to get married but the problem is that the girl is tamil and the boy is Punjabi, nice book all together. And a really nice topic to debate about like inter caste marriages should be taken lightly or no… well if you ask me it kinda freaks me out. so I think I should not comment on anything here :P

Day before yesterday had gone to virar with a couple of friends. As usual the Mumbai trains were jam packed but we managed to stand near the door. That made me think what will happen of this city if these trains were not there. I sometimes find them really cute like they are cute little animated robots which can actually feel and understand the need of a local man/women who is trying hard to reach his/her office in time and that’s why our trains are running all fast fast to make them reach at their destination. I love watching the train pass below the bridge while crossing the bridge to go from one platform to another.

And yes, I tried to smoke the other day. Well it was ok ok.. just worried I don’t get into habit. It was first cigarette in my life. And with all my friends smoking around me I had this huge urge to try :P


  1. well...congratulations on ur first(and hopefully) smoke!!!...
    just write it .... I've tried doin it as well(refer my post Lost in Translation) good reactions from friends(without bribing them)

  2. hmm ... I am also looking forward to read the book... don't know when will I get the time. Anyways, great that you tried it... trying anything is not bad till you become habitual of that... So, take care...

  3. need to read it yet...hav been reading rave reviews lately..mumbai trains..always a mystery..wud luv to hav a look neverthless

  4. Hahah.. LOved ur last line!!

    I have tried too.. shhh!

    Well, i think I should read the book!

  5. Ah Ah!!...

    Congrats!!! on your first smoking adventure :P..

    what help r u expecting regarding the book?..

    waiting for your love story ..:)