Sunday, October 18, 2009

this and that~

Happy diwali!!!!

I know its late but still “better late than never” so happy diwaliiii people!. Its been a hectic week. With all the shopping and diwali preparations and visiting relatives.

Its fun as well as tiring all the same.

You know what, this year I made all diwali’s “faral” so it was damn fun!

And again I wore sari and got loads of compliments. Shopping was fun as well.

Today I went to mom’s friend’s place and I was pissed with everyone asking me “ do you have a bf?”, then I mom’s friend’s daughter gave me lots of rules as in what type of a guy to get, they are as follows,

1 – no smoking

2 – no drinking

3 – should not be a flirt

4 – and should own his own house while getting married. She says, that our mom’s have already given us good houses to live in then why should we degrade ourselves and not stay in a good house?

5 – should be settled while getting married and not be a stuggler nothing like” we both will work hard and struggle and make our living” he should be stable enough to support his family.

Well I dunno how much of this is right or wrong.well that’s for you people to decide. I would really like to know what you people think on this.

And now I gotta go.. rangoli time.. so happy diwali again everyone

Have fun and safe diwali!

Love you all…….



  1. I get the bf thing a lot ...but I must say thoda sa flirtish he has to be. Otherwise there wont be any fun :-) ;-)

  2. this is like the matchmaker thing these days.out of the first three atleast two should match.then only girls seem to

  3. Hapyy diwali indeed!, yeah i go by Soin... indeed like a matchmaker these days..whr are the Rangoli pics?

  4. ok... the 3rd condition rules me out....:D

    happy diwali...:D

  5. haha... gud conditions.. but i think they are way too many.... hope ur relative gets a boy matching all these criteria.. keep us updated abt the status of tat gals groom search

  6. Lol @ the bf rules :D :D

    Belated Diwali wishes to you too!

  7. I agree with all your rules!!

    aLL THE BESHT :p

    Belated Diwali wishes :)