Sunday, November 8, 2009

Anything for You Baby!

Anything for you baby.

Few days back my boyfriend said “ I would love it if you cook Pavbhaji for me”, I was like okay! I so wanted to do that. but the thing was I have never cooked anything more than Maggie on my whole life. I have not even gone shopping for vegetables ever. But I had to do this for my baby.

My mom is out of town for a week and I thought this was the perfect time to experiment. I called him up and told him that he to come to my place on Saturday after his college.

So Saturday morning. I got up early; I was much exited about the cooking thing. I went out in the afternoon to buy all the necessary things. Came home chopped them finely and everything. Arranged candles all over the place to so that we will have dinner in candle light (which didn’t work out cause he said, I like to see what I eat so please keep the lights on L ) I hated this part. I wish he was a bit sensible to understand that candle light is soo romantic.

Neways, he said he loved the pavbhaji :D

It gave me a feeling as if I am his wife already, I cooked for him the whole day then he came from college all tired we ate together then slept on the bed and talked about the whole day about the past about the future everything.

Was so cute!


  1. That is so so cute. God bless both of you. Tell him he's a very lucky young man and I totally envy him.

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