Thursday, November 26, 2009

An Experience

A friends dad is in hospital, and open heart surgery. And he needed blood from 4 people. His blood group was Opositive, but still he was not able to manage 4 people who could have done it.

I went in for blood donation as well. But after the test it turns out that I was 0.5% low on hemoglobin. After that moment. I felt so terribly bad. Like I am some kind of infection or something. A person needs blood and I am enough blood to give him but because of some deficiency I am not able to help him in way. It seemes useless sitting there and consoling my friend.

Luckily we were able to manage enough friend to donate blood. And all is all fine now. The surgery is tomorrow morning at 7am

Hope everything works out well.


  1. You're a good human.

    I'm O + too.

    Wish I could have helped.

  2. best wishes for a speedy recovery

  3. Oh man.... hope ur dad is fine now,
    eat more carrot and beat if you wanna increase blood.

  4. may your friend's dad recover soon...

  5. hey!

    the fact that you went for blood donation is very nice of you... doesnt matter if it didnt work out! in the end, he got the blood required na... i hope the operation went fine..

    theres nothing wrong with you. dont blame yourself

    im o+ too, btw :) seems like its not so rare after all!

  6. Believe getting blood is difficult even for the easy ones like O+ve.

    So how is he now?

  7. yup. allz well now. i met him just yesterday. all well.