Saturday, November 14, 2009

Hum Tum

It was their first date, they didn’t want anything very romantic it would have just made them more uncomfortable so they decided to meet at mac donalds, and then hang out at a mall. She reached there on time and was waiting at the bus stop for him, he came there in sometime, they went to MacDonald’s .

He offered to treat her and went to buy something to eat. He got the burger which got mayonnaise it in which she hated from the bottom of her heart. But still she gulped it down her throat.

They then had a really nice talk, he told her about his friends and shared some funny moments. It was really going very well. They then decided to take a walk it was 2 in the afternoon and the sun was just so unpleasant that day, but still they continued to walk and talk. They went to a neaby mall and just talked for what seemed like hours. “if my aaji ( grand mother ) would have been alive now, I would have told her that I have a girlfriend and she would have loved you”, this was the sweetest thing he said that day and she remembers it till this day.

It was time to leave it was already 4.30 now. They were so not ready to say goodbye. All they wanted was to wait and talk to eternity, so they decided to take a longg walk back home which trust me was really very long. So they set of their way back home from haji ali to dadar.

He dropped her home and went to meet his friends. By the time he reached there he was all tired and sweaty. “ what did you do with her? don’t tell me you did everything on the very first date”, his friend teased him.

Noo, we just walked from haji ali to dadar, he said.

His friends were amazed that he made a girl walk that long on the first date. They looked at eachother and laughed!


  1. I'm from Delhi and have never been to Mumbai. I had no idea how far Haji Ali is from Dadar. So checked it on Google maps and I found out it's 6.3 kms. Now that is a very long walk. Honestly. I couldn't do that. I don't think so.

  2. lol.. even i didnt know its 6.3 km.. wow! that nice..*my patting my own back*

  3. Is this fiction or is this what you did in real life? You actually walked 6.3 kms? Wow! I envy you now!

  4. yup the she is me and the he is my boyfriend :D

  5. Amazing! That is so sweet. God bless the both of you always. Good luck!

    And I'm proud of you!

  6. Some people will never get the romance. They remain engrossed in materialism

  7. I will believe everything except for the part that it was your first date... Walked for 6.3kms in your first date... Too romantic

    May be its because I havent had this experience..haha

    Anyways.. Gr8 couple.. kepp the fire going...

  8. @ Ashkd, Ramit and pesto sauce. thanks a lot.

    @ jon - we actually walked 6.3kms :D