Monday, November 23, 2009


Hey, so today had gone to a wedding. Telling you when a girl starts getting into her 20’s something ( I am 18 but still they act like I am 20 something ) everyone in the family and also the long lost cousins and uncle aunties start talking about your marriage. And if you are meeting them in a wedding then the most common sentence you’ll hear it “ you are next”, and I go WHAT THE F**K!

And the problem with my family is that I am the only GIRL left to get married, all others are either happily married or are still in kindergarden. So everyone is super exited about my marriage. And today was like any other family gathering. With all the aunties trying to show off their saaris and uncles having a matured talk and cousins with their wife and small kids trying to get used to the MATURE talk ie being next to those uncles and aunties in a couple of years. Every one I met started taking up the topic of my marriage. And with all the hello’s and hi’s and namaste’s and touching elders feet and more “what are you doing now?” and stuff I am totally tired.

I wish they would understand that I am still young. Marriage is like atleast 5 years from now. But yes onething, they guy who was getting married was something like 24 or 25 and they both looked so perfect together. For a moment even I wanted to get married that very moment. Actually as I am thinking about it now, I am ready to get married even now, if its gonna be that perfect like how they both were. Aww…

Hmm.. I was thnking about getting married when I was 28 something, but I guess ill reduce the deadline to 26 or 27 :D

So now I want to get married when I am 26 or 27 J hope this wish comes true.


  1. Good luck! Hope your wish comes true! Why didn't you post pics of you dressed up for the wedding?

  2. By the way, we do expect an invite to your wedding! :D

  3. ditto..things happenin to me..!! Me 20 and 2 years more closer to getting married than you...but still cummon..people dont u have anything else to talk !!

    But i still stick to 28 :P

  4. he he he....all d best...:P

    after a year u wil say u wanna get married by 23...:P

  5. Everyone keeps asking me also the dreaded question:when?? And I too have no answer

    Thanks for the award. Will try to complete it sometime

  6. just smile when they say 'you're next', i've been doing that since 3-4 years! and be ready for "so when are you planning a baby" after the wedding

    thats the topic of discussion on every aunty's lips all over the world

    The whys and hows and whens of someone elses family.