Friday, November 13, 2009

What is it?

What is it?

As I have told you that mom is out of town for a weak, I am solely in charge of the house. And I would like to tell you people that I am a growing from a girl to a women. Things like cleaning the dishes and keeping the house clean and everything which were annoying to me some years back is changing I am doing my dishes myself keeping the house as clean as I can. I have even tried cooking this time. So this is really a very nice phase I would say. And yes with all this going on I am also doing things that I love to do. Like I danced a lot today. And watched 2 movies back to back

1- The hoiday.

2- The ugly truth.

3- You’ve got mail.

Talking about the last movie. What is that one thing that tell you that this is the man of my dream or he/she is the one I would marry and have kids with?

When I met my man, I could not recognize him. we had met online. Sometimes I think, out of like zillion people on net, why did I send a friend request only to him? and not some other tom dick or harry? He is a shy guy, who never really used to talk to girls. Then why did he talk to me? There was something between us. We were from the same school and from the same college, and we got to know that after we started talking online, we even had a like zillion common friends but still we didn’t meet anytime before that day.

We had decided not to meet in real life ever. But then one of his friend invited me for dinner. and we met for the first time after knowing eachother online for 6months.

Even then I didn’t recognize that he was the one. He proposed me the next day which was completely shocking. I was not expecting anything like that from him and still when he proposed me I said yes, without even thinking twice and ever since we are together. Yeah we have like loads of ups and downs we fight like crazy I have like zillion problems with him but still I cant even imagine living without him. and so goes for him we cant think about breaking up atall.

Some people say there is nothing like destiny and you have to make your own destiny. I would disagree. I would say there is destiny and also that you have to make your own destiny. like you’ll always have two options for everything in life that you are destined to. Like for example, you will pass this year in your exams that is your destiny, but the options are if you want to study hard or just copy. ( I know this sounds filmy and unrealistic but for me this is the truth)

seriously i would love to know how you all define love? like how do you all think you'll get to know that his is the right person i was looking for?


  1. You cook? You keep the house clean? (grinning from ear to ear) Mommy come back! :-)

  2. On a more serious note, it's mostly when the mothers are, let's say not there, that the kids learn to cook and manage the house. That's exactly when I learnt to cook and do household stuff too. When my mom 'not there' too.

    I'm proud of you. Great going.

  3. wow... nice to read your story pooja

  4. wow...cute story!! Hope to read more of your love story. :-) and best of luck w/ the household work.