Wednesday, December 2, 2009

angry, upset, disappointed.

Had a fight.

Its just so irritating when someone you love has no time to look after you or to understand what you want. It was just yesterday when I told him that I want to do something new this new year, lets go somewhere for a over night picnic .like leave on 31st morn stay over there till midnight and come back on 1st. but all he was, I am not coming. I want to sleep on 31st. at 1. is that a type of answer one gives???

And few days back his friends said the samething about going for a picnic on which he had readily agreed. And then he expects me to not get mad at him. I mean WTF???

How can one survive when someone he/she loves has no time to make plans with them or even show anything like they care?

And this happened last night, and he didn’t call or sms since morning it was me who called him up. And all he did was talk rudely.

Later. bye


  1. aww :(

    I hate it when guys do this self centered thing x-(

  2. So gift cancelled .. ah? ...

    lol.. Just for fun...

    hmm just chill.. take some time.. talk with him... have a nice time ... bye

  3. I know you'd love to be with him on New Year's eve. But at times to stay sane, guys need some 'boys only' time too.

    Every guy deserves some 'boy time' just as much as a girl deserves some 'girl time' only.

    Don't want to intrude, and you don't have to answer this question, but what would you tell your parents where are you off to for the entire night of the 31st? Would they agree? Do you they know about your boyfriend? Does your relation have their consent? Willing consent or unwilling consent?

    You've asked him once, now don't bother to ask him again. With time, he'll realize that he should give you some priority too.

  4. that sure is annoying as hell, i can imagine how angry you must be.. hmmm.. make your own plans now for new years eve and make it grand ok? and be genuinely excited for it! let the boyfriend be for some time

    YOU enjoy

  5. Make plans with your girl friends for new year, he's gonna be back on track!

  6. I totally agree with him. U know its a wonderful to sleep through the new year. Tried it bfore?
    Its like you wake u in the morning and say, 'Wow...ysterday I were in one year and today i woke up to a differnt one'

    I like your guy.. Vry philosophical... You wont find a better one... Dont get pissed of at him... Go ahead and marry him ASAP'

  7. talk to him...don't worry everything will be alright...take care :)

  8. @ ki - i have heard people say that their partners never give them time. i used to think big deal. now i know what big deal it really is.

    @ harry - hmm.. will try too.

    @ Suree - well no. gift wont be cancelled. he will get it anyways :)

    @ ramit - ill tell my parents that i am over at a friends place for a nightout. that works. have gone over for nightouts a lot of times.

    @ di - i guess thats what i am going to do ;)

    @ Esther - hehe. u right :D

    @ Jon - ill marry him anyways :) but still i wanna be with him on that day!!!

    @ An Ordinary Gal - trust me, my guy is not the one who understands.