Saturday, December 19, 2009

Change is Constant.

They say, the only thing constant in the world is change. I find it a bit of a cliché. But still it proved me wrong today. As I have told you in the earlier posts that I am a lot busy these days because of all the work pressure tomorrow I am going to surat ( gujrat, India) will be back day after tom early morning or maybe till afternoon. And today I had a day off. After a long time when today I finally had a break I decided to spend it well and relax the whole day, so I will be all fit and fine for tomorrows journey.

Oh well, have I told you.. I am taking tuitions, so I had to get up early as the students come in at 9 in the morning. So my wish to sleep till late in the afternoon never got fulfilled. Later I got a sms from a friend, he was calling me to hang out. so I buzzed another friend of mine asking him if he was free. ( my boyfriend got his exams, so I knew he wont come so didn’t cal him up, wish him luck J ) so we decided to go to candies, bandra .

After that, a friend buzzed me, well he is a long lost friend I remember talking to him once or twice in school. And after that he was just a friend on my friends list, with whom my interactions were limited to just “hi, wats up? Oh yeah good. Hey ill see you later.” He buzzed me on gmail and asked, “why is my id ( well people I wont let my id out here in public, so lets say he asked why my id was XYZ) XYZ?” , I went like.. what are you talking about. Well then I told him that I had made this id back in school when I was very young and since most of my friends know this id, I don’t intend to change it, no matter how stupid it sounds.
“ well wont it sound better if it’s the other way round like ZYX??”, he asked me.

“yeah right, ill think about that”, I said rolling up my eyes.

Later then, I went to candies. Had a lovely time there, and people if you ever go there please try cold coffee in there. Its just AWESOME! 

I called him ( boyfriend ) up from there, telling him about my whereabouts. And then after we left from candies, I went to my friends place. We were talking just in general about future and stuff. And I called him ( boyfriend) up asking if he was free, so he can come over to his place as he lives just in the next lane.

“hey, where are you? We are talking something serious in here, like nothing serious seriouns, but still if you free come over”, I said.
“what are you guys talking about, tell me now”, he said.
“well it will take time now, ill tell you later, ill call you in sometime”, I told him

He called me back in 5minutes, and got angry on me on god knows what reason and then before I could explain anything to him, he was already saying stuffs. And I cant take it when people talk to me in loud voice. Especially not when I am not wrong. It went on for quite a long time. And then it ended up when I told him my side of the story and then he said sorry, I don’t understand why cant he here what I am telling first and then open his mouth?
He made me cry and everything, just by talking on phone.
Later when things were sorted I returened home. Logged in on gtalk. And there was a add reques with the id ZYX AT gmail DOTcom. It made laugh I was light headed in a second. I buzzed that old fried of mine (and I am talk to him now as well.. he is telling me about hamburgers :P )

And then later I realized that I am sick. I have got cough and cold. And now I am worried about tomorrow how am I to travel in such a condition? Hope I get well by tomorrow morning.
By the way, if I review my day now. It started off sad, cause I had to get up early, then it was fun cause I was out. and then it was again sad cause of the fight with him then it was fun cause of the id that friend of mine made for me, and now its sad again cause I am sick. Hope tomorrow morning start off with the fun mode. 


  1. As i say there is always a new morning to wake up too...:D

  2. pooja awesome re.....u simply rock....wat a blog....this is sooo simple yet very mature (quite a mature dialogue coming from me..haha)....but still this was ur 1st blog ever read by me.....i dont know bout other blogs but am reading all those right now....and yeah hatzzz off to u.....keep up with the work....!!

    PS: get well sooon....and happy journey...njoy

  3. hope your day started off well and are having a good journey!

  4. This looks like a cool place to hang out...Mumbai must be cool

  5. Hope you have a wonderful time Pooja :)

    It's my first visit to your blog and I must add I simply loved your blog template and the entertaining posts.

    Keep up the good work. Hope to see you around.


  6. @ sid - you are right!

    @ Silent Assassin - thank you, i am soo glaad you read it!

    @ Ramit - hey thanks.

    @ magiceye - oh yes, it started of well :)

    @ Pesto Sauce - oh try it, its damn good.

    @ chatterbox - thanks for the visit.. ill drop by your blog soon :)

  7. arrey baap re you're working hard girl!

    Very true, change is constant.

    nice pictures

    hope you had a nice trip :)

  8. Candies seems to be the flavour of the season!