Wednesday, December 30, 2009


As I told you, that I had been to delhi. Well at first I was just so nervous about it. It was for the first time that I had to learn the dialogues in a day. So in the train I was just going through the dialogues again. And another friend of mine was reading a gujrati news paper. And there was a column in there where a story was written like in every issue a part of the story will be written. And the person who wrote that story was someone both of us knew.

As she finished the story, she said, “ wow, that was nice. Ill go home and ill call him to tell him that I loved his writing”.

I went back to mugging the dialogues, when I totally lost hope that I wont be able to mug them all in a day. My phone rang. It was the same guy who had wrote that story. And he has a special thing, he never says hi or  hello when you meet him he says “jeevan ma ghanu badhu che” ( there is a lot in life). He had called me to wish me luck for the show. But all I can remember from the conversation is one “jeevan ma ghanu badhu che”,

Its such a nice things to be optimistic in everything, and keeping that in mind I did my dialogues, I thought about it in positive way and I was able to do it.

It was like, I guy or rather I should say a man, who I know since childhood but meet rarely remembered to call me and wish me. And another thing he in a way helped me work with my dialogues.


  1. What dialogues? Weren't you in Delhi for vacation?

  2. Like the new look of your blog. Yo've been tagged. Check my blog!

  3. hey good thing you enjoyed your trip...

  4. @ ramit - oh yes.. about the tag.. ill do it asap. and nope i was not there for vacation, i was there for my play.

    @ sid - nothing like enjoy dude. i didnt get a minute to go out enjoy, it was soo bloggy cold.