Saturday, December 5, 2009

Jab They Met

Jab They Met.

she was just whiling away her time on net. And back then orkut was the new sensation. She was kind of reserved, she didn’t add any unknown person and all. But then she saw his profile, there was something in it. And without even thinking she clicked on “add as a friend” option. And within minutes she received a pop up notification about he accepting her add request. She was then struck as of what to do next. She didn’t even know him and as she never used to add anyone unknown she had no clue of what to talk a total stranger.

She then went through his profile and found out that they both are from the same school and also that he was from the college which she had planned to join the next year. Alas she had something to talk about. She sent him a stupid scrap introducing her, he was friendly enough to talk back nicely and soon they became the best net buddies.

They used to talk the whole day, on anything that could probably come to their mind. They talked about movies, songs , politics, friends, crushes, love, sex , books, porn and everything on this damn earth

They had decided not to meet in real life. And only be friends on the internet. They knew eachother the best they knew eachothers secrets and personal problems and everything.

They even used to watch movies together. They used to download the movies then start watching together. Like if she is on the 1hr and 53rd minute of the movie then he will start the movie from the same time and they used to watch and chat on yahoo messenger. Sometimes they even talked till morning 4’o clock.

To be continued…


  1. आपकी कोशिश अच्छी है लेकिन आपको नही लगता कि काल्पनिक दुनिया की कहानी यथार्थ में संभव नहीं. आपने शायद बहुत अच्छी अच्छी क्लॅसिक मूवीस नहीं देखीं. शायद देख लें तो आप को सोचने के तमाम दरवाजे खुले मिलें.

  2. @ ordinary gal - thanks :) ill write the next part soon :D

    @ अनिल कान्त - mene jo bhi likha hai woh kalpanik nahi hai, ye mere jindaji ka hi ek hissa hai. aur aapne jo movies ke bare mein bola woh mujhe thik samaj nahi aya, kya aap bol rahe hai ki movies mein jo dikhate hai woh sachi jindaji mein bhi hota hai??? ( sorry i didnt have that hindi font )

  3. sweeet :) looking forward to read the coming posts :)