Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Me And Him

PS – this post is going to be about me and my boyfriend ( the samething which every couple feels, that they are the most cutest couple )

I saw “up” today, and I would say it is one of the best animated movies I have ever seen. The love was so visible even when in half of the movie the love of his life is dead. The way he does everything that he could do to make her dream come true is something I would die for. And the way they decorate their own house. I have decided I am going to colour my own house. Everything in my house will be done by me. Atleast those things which I can do J

I was reading new moon today, the part where they breakup and all. Well me and my boyfriend have broken up like zillion times in past one and a half year. But every time we breakup it’s the same feeling of numbness, same mental pain which is written in the book. No I am not telling you how I am related to miss. Bella swan. But I am just trying to tell you the emotions wrote in there are just perfect.

It’s over a year of being committed and 2 years knowing each other but still if I don’t talk to him for a day. Why do I get so restless? If I am angry and when he doesn’t come to make me cool down why do I get more angry and say I want to breakup you don’t care for me and stuff. When I know I can’t live without him and he can’t live without me and we are going to patch up back in 45mins. Yeah! That’s right, our breakup lasts for 45minutes :D

They say, that love dies out as time passes, well its 1 and half year here. And still I don’t think there is any love lost * touch wood *

It was some days back that I asked him, that if I die what will he do. He said he doesn’t even want to think about it. And then he said, “ you’ll die with me, we both will Buddha buddhis, doing everything slowly and then one day one of us will die”, you know what, I don’t want to die after him. Cause the day he will leave me I won’t be able to live second after that. I wound be glad if we both die together.

Hmm..there is still a lot of time to die and all. As of now I want to spend my days with him. And then I hope that we won’t even realize when it will be time for us to get married. Wow! That will be one hell of a day when our parents will officially start talking about our marriage. Meeting his mom like her future daughter in law is weird. I have met her like zillion time, but trust me I have not talked more that 50words with her.

Well you know what; I just want to get married this very moment. And head down for honey moon. And then return back home and then start the routine of making his morning tea then getting him ready for work. That will just perfect.

Hope this day comes ASAP. i seriously want to get married before 28 :D so still 10 years to go…longgggg time.


  1. so sweet

    yeah dont talk about dying and all... why think about it..
    i hope and pray that you two share a very long life together happily married and with very cute kids ;) thats the dream na... making a family with him?:) i can relate to that.

  2. Morning tea? Can I have some too? Pretty please! You're guys are so cute. Wish I were 18 again! Booohooo!

  3. @ di - yup thats the dream :D
    a very wonderfull dream :D

    @ ramit - yeah come over anytime :)

    @ magiceye - it sure it is :)

  4. ten years! abhi toh time hai :)

    keep dreaming!

  5. Awwwwww :)
    10 years will pass like really quickly.
    I agree with Dip, I hope you guys stay in love for what they call ' forever' and and have this amazing wedding, and then have a bunch of adorable little kids!

  6. @ ki - yup! loads of time!

    @ disguise - :) i hope wat you said comes true!

  7. So sweet....may your love grow and blossom