Tuesday, December 1, 2009


Its December finally, and its quite cold in Mumbai, not like cold cold but considering Mumbai’s normal temperature I love it. Waiting for more cold though. I am thinking about working out as well, I guess a morning walk will do. I don’t feel like going to gyms and stuff.

After a month 2010 will start. 2 years for 2012. the year we all will die. L *sad*

It’s “his” birthday this month, but he got exams on that day so it won’t be possible to meet. So maybe later, when his exams get over. Have loads of stuff to do and its just so less time. Top on the list is what to get him as a gift. Why is it always so difficult to buy a gift for a guy? (Guys our there can help me J )

I am enjoying Farmville, café world and fishville on facebook. I have almost forgotten poker and uno now.

I want to do something new, suggestions are welcomed!

Top on the WISH LIST (as of now) – wants to celebrate New Year with a blast!


  1. im tired of getting fishville farmville blah blah requests.. i just dont want to get addicted!

    oh yeah its tough buying something for guys, its just so easy for girls, we have so much to choose from. guys gift ideas are boring.. even i dont know what to buy for mine... STILL! his bday is so close. dunno what to buy.. will just go to a mall and see if i like anything

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  3. It's so easy to buy something for guys. Especially your own boyfriend. Just think a little and look around you and you'll see so many options!

  4. Here r few options...

    1.Money Purse
    2.Wrist watch
    3.sun glasses
    4.Ash Tray(if he smokes.. rememeber those movies where heroine gifts ashtray to hero so that he can think of ther when ever he smokes :P)

    there r lot of other options....think....

  5. @ di - i guess ill do the same go to mall and get something.

    @ ramit - i am still confused. :P

    @ suree - purse,is wat i gave him last year. watch an sunglasses seems cool. and he doesnt smoke so ash tray out of the list :P
    and thanks a lot :)

  6. Pooja, walk into any electronics store, pick up the first thing you see, come back home, google the model number of whatever it is, see it's basic features and tell your boyfriend you got him this or that latest just off the block gadget. I'm telling you, the easiest thing on earth is to buy a gift for a guy!

  7. Nathing to say coz these guys has already given u a one or another option.
    I think the gift which a boyfriend and a girl friend never forgets in their entire life (if they are serious about love) is .
    Just say the three little words
    "I LUV U".
    Just express ur feeling to him i dont know hw u will do it.
    If u like my comment plz do reply.

  8. @ ramit - thats like a good thing. ill go to get something asap.

    @ sushil - i agree with you totally, i love you and time is the bestest thing any1 can ever give to his/her girlfriend/boyfriend.