Wednesday, December 16, 2009

~ This And That ~

Hey people. It’s a long time since I have posted anything, well its just that i am busy. Working with people who are your friends first and then collogues is a different thing. The people I am working with are the same people who I have grown up with. Who have seen me grow up and seen me though all the thick and thin.

Yesterday was a much needed break. And I spent it well doing al those things which I wanted to do. I wanted to buy new earphones for my cell and buy eclipse and breaking dawn. So yesterday I went around shopping for these things.  These days that I have been away. I met loads of new people and heard stories from others.

Some people are so friendly and so helpful eventhough we mean nothing to them and they mean nothing to us. Like we know that we wont meet ever again in our life and still they help us. Sometimes when I think about it. It just touches me deep down.

I am glad that I am with my friends at work as well. And though we get tired like hell, we enjoy it a lot. Like the day before yesterdays incident. We had to go to kalyan. So I had to leave from here at around 3pm. And by the time we returned home it was 3 in the night. And obviously I cant roam around that late at night for taxi’s to take me home. So I went to my friends place. It was fun as we sortof had a night out. but we slept the moment we reached the bed. So we slept at 4 and I got up at 6. as I had to come back home. And yesterday I was away shopping for books and stuff. So in two days I had slept for 2 hours wow! Now that’s a achievement for me. Cuase I thought sleep is my weakness, but I am glad to say it is not.

And oh yes, I saw new moon yesterday… AWESOME!
I am reading eclipse now J


  1. You're working already? Really?

  2. i m reading ur blog first time.. liked d follow.. was a good read.. :P

  3. nice long as you enjoy your work!

    you got all the books? cool!