Sunday, December 26, 2010

My christmas wish list!!!

I know its one day late!!! But who cares my santa will always do it for me right???

So here goesss my wish list!!!

1. I want a mac an iphone and various other latest gadgets!

2. A personal trainer and hair dresser who can manage my curly and out of control hair.

3. A nice life without any further sad parts or unwanted changes.

5. A credit card who's credit will never get over!!!

6. A library of my own

7. A movie library of my own

8. A nice cottage type house in my area (I know that is impossible)

9. A nice well settled life with him, well actually this is my first and most important wish but just though of writing it in the last! Last but definitely not the least!

Well, that's all for now! Dear santa hope its not too much for you and I believe you will fulfill them all! :)
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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Monday, December 20, 2010

Project 365 - day 13

It says, we have problem for every solution, gang rules!!! If you hit us from behind we'll hit you back.
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Sunday, December 19, 2010

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Friday, December 17, 2010

Miss you aaji!

Cool breeze just a little bit of sunshine with sparrows on her window sill and she on her sofa all alone and literally all alone, last night was a shocker of her life with her mom out of town and all her close by relatives who work and stay abroad she was all alone when she realised that something went terribly wrong...
The morning started with a nice talk with mom then she called up the maid and told her to take a off today as she was home the whole day and wanted to spend this one day away from work alone and of course with her grandmom At around 4.30 in the evening she went to give her aaji (grand mom) her evening tea, then around 6.30 when she just went to ask if she needed something, at first she thought she was sleeping so she called her twice, then she realized with a terrible shock what had happened! Her body went numb for a few minutes she just stood there and not understood anything, it was then a few minutes later did she realised what had happened. Before the panic came the realization that it was her aaji last wish to leave this world when she was alone with her only love!
It was then she decided that all the rituals and everything to be done should be done by her only!!!
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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Tuesday, December 14, 2010


So I was getting late to reach ghatkopar now, so I left from my place in all hurry and in a race against time to cover maximum distance in minimum time..just as I left my house I realised I am hungry so I decided to grab a mouth watering dabeli from the corner ka thela.. So I take it parcel thinking ill eat it in the bus aaramse.. Just as I leave the shop and reach the main road I see the bus is waiting at the signal so I run as fast as I can with heels on and reach the bus stop. Ok so the end of all the hurry is there is all sweat on my face the shawl and my hair has gone hay wire, my bag which has all the things a woman will need for a month is in my one hand while in another there is my dabeli and my cell phone... So I get into the bus and the cool cool AC air welcomes me followed by the people staring at me. Telling you guys all office go'ers in their best formal clothing an business suits occupy the AC buses.. So they all stare at me as if I am some alien. I quickly find a seat take the ticket and then start to eat my delicious dabeli and they all are staring at me as if I am about to commit a crime, geesh do you people never eat road side food?? Or don't you have a life other than the office??? Or me eating a burger would have been more apt???
There is a aunty opposite me connntinuously on phone!! Another aunty who has occupied two seats one with only her bag and sitting in such an upright posture I wonder how long she can sit that way.. There is another guy in the back well he is cute nd cool listening to music on his iphone!!! Another uncle dozzing off and a girl in super short hair and clothes just got off the bus, isn't she feeling cold???

Yes right!!! This post was useless just timepass for me in this boring bus ride!!
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Project 365 - day 9

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Saturday, December 11, 2010


At work now so a quick one, how do you feel when the one you love and
care for who's of the top most priority in your life tells you that
you that you no more are of the same importance now that you have been
replaced by someone else... And to top it off a lot of work pressure
and just feel like leaving it for good, what do you do when your
personal and professional life both are just getting on my nerve??
It just too much to deal with these days when will they
all understand I am just 19 now why do they want things from me as if
I am some 30 year old woman??? Just breaking down every
single second!!! Later, it was supposed to be a quick one but
turned out to be lonnng one!

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Let the magic begin!

I recently say harry potter and the deathly hallows I, and i just have
one word for it "AWESOME". it was just so brilliant i guess one of the
best potter movie, my favorite still remains the prisoner of azkaban.
the movie starts with a brilliant show of how the three of them leave
their house and the part where hermoine uses "Memory erasing charm "
on her parents shows the director had gone in depth and had made it a
point not to miss out on technicalities like he did in the previous
part. the ministry part and harry saying "i musn't tell lies" to
umbridge sent chills down my spine. dobby and kreacher are just too
cute and bellatrix is as usual scary and hot the malfoy manor also was
nice, and the story of the beedle the bard you'll just loveee the
animation, and yes how can i forget nagini she is awesome cant wait to
watch in 3d.
when i first heard that movie was coming in two parts i had a problem
wondering if they'll make it right and i am happy to say that they
gave a perfect start and an apt ending!!!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Like or dislike?

Yesterday a funny yet cute incident happened and i can't help but blog
about it,
i know this guy since a long long time actually my mom and his mom
were pregnant together and there's only 5 days ka diffrence betweem me
and him. but we despise eachother like anything. then yesterday we
both had gone shopping * Rolls eyes * i was totally prepared for a
super intense fight with him as thats exactly what we do everytime we
meet. yesterday was no exception! we started of arguing for no reason
at all after an hour i got fed up and told him not to talk to me, what
followed was 10 Mins of silence, after that he came to me and said,
"please talk!, its weird not talking." in a very cute way... it was
just impossible for me to be anymore angry on him...
and what followed was pizza and pasta for lunch an awesome shopping
spree and gelato ice cream to end the day!

Friday, October 15, 2010

Wednesday, October 13, 2010


I Have been reading a couple of books these days and i am so
disappointed with the indian youth authors, the other day i went to
crossword just to check out some new books and to my amazement most of
the indian young authors wrote in more or less same pattern, like
their college life or love life and a lot of slang language. don't we
already have chetan bhagat? why do all have to follow his lead?
I know, even i don't write great but still...
Come on guys, we need something new to read cause honestly
atleast i am bored of reading the same type of thing!

Saturday, September 18, 2010


Remember 26th july? the day mumbai was flooded. that time the
media guys had made it a point that they blame the goverment for not
cleaning the nalas and for everything that happened that year was
blamed on goverment!
but this year when the goverment has actually taken all the
effort and cleaned everything to avoid floods no one seems to notice
it! even the most low line area the very target for water to
accumulate has stayed clear. i think media should also highlight
whatever minor good work the goverment does!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Fwd: Update!

Hey hie, sorry for a lonnggg disappearance but was very stuck up with
work and many other things!
funny to say but life has taken an unexpected turn and the world
seems to be upside down for me. still coping with the change. good
thing is ganpati's here and i cant wait to go to girgaun and see all
the amazing murti's there, i wil definately upload the pics!

Friday, August 20, 2010

26/11 Unknown heroes

I am reading a book on 26/11 named 26/11 the attack on mumbai.. guys its a amazing book and you have to read it to get all the information needed on the attack there is also a small chapter where they have given the stories of people who have actually noticed the attack..i  was really very touched by it and hence i am posting them here with the names as given in the book...

26/11 The attack on mumbai, pg no. 65

ordinary folks, extraordinary moments!

"i crossed my fingers and decided to take a chance": 
dr. tilu mangeshikar

when the terrorists opened fire. dr tilu mangeshikar along with daughter kalindi and her doctor husband prashant, was attending a wedding reception in the taj hotel. " i remember wondering why they were bursting loud crackers now when the baraat was already here", says mangeshikar. within seconds, the hotel staff confirmed gunshots, shut the doors to the crystal room and told the guests to duck. mangeshikar along with the other guests, crawled to the taj chambers where they were holed up for four hours.
around 2am we were evacuated/ three men in khakhi escorted us through a narrow corridor when suddenly bullets rained at us from the front. we stumbled back to the room that had been our refuge and baricaded the doors with the tables and chairs. mangeshikar then realized one of the hotels employ had been hit. " the bullet entered from rajan's back and had come out from front through the abdomen, his intestines had popped out". with no sanitized gloves in sight mangeshikar grabbed the hotel serviettes and pushed back the intestines into the wounded man,

the bleeding was controlled but rajan was writhing in pain. we did not know how log the ordeal would last and i had to do something. " fortunately, one of the foreigners has some painkillers. i just had to take a call. i had to take the call i had to take a chance and cross my fingers rajan would make it" she says. the painkillers worked. the injured man calmed down. when help came at 8am on thrusday raja was rushed to bombay hospital for immediate medical care. he was reported to have survived. thanks in no small way to dr. mangeshikar.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Project 365 - day 4

Quotes - 1

okay, so i have also decided to start a new thing ( whatever you wanna call it ) il post some nice quotes or sayings or proverbs one liners or anything of that sort that i come across... only the once i like ha!
so here goes the first one, 
A real man doesn't love a million girls. He loves one girl in a million ways.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Aamir Khan and college???

i am watching dil chata hai now, was just wondering when i was in my primary school i used to sing "papa kehte hai" and say ill  be an astronaut when i grow up, aamir khan in that song had just graduated from college and was about step in the outer world.. and again when i went in secondary school, dil chata hai came.. where he was again in college enjoying his college life to the fullest!!! 

then at last when i was about to finish my school ie my 10th, did he finally finish his college as DJ in rang de basanti though he never left the campus.. and now when i am in COLLEGE, he again came back in 3 idiots.. 

what the hell is going on with aamir khan and college??? :O

Project 365 - day 2

Project 365 - day 1


i was sooo glad to go to the indiblogger mumbai meet today, it was just totally a new experience..the indiblogger team was very very very friendly and very comforting.. i was rather nervous before first going for the meet the moment i entered the hall i just thought of turing around and heading back home.. but good i didnt do that..cause what happed after that was really amazing..i met a lot of new people some old friends..

and i have also started a new topic " Project 365 " where i will post one picture everyday!

Thursday, July 29, 2010


The Numbness the sadness was getting back to her, when she woke up this morning she could not open her eyes because of lot of crying last night her eyes  were swollen and red her pillow had water in some places. being away from home and away from people she loved and cared about means a lot of pain. she started realizing it now.

but its not the time to head back or to feel sorry for yourself and go back to living a normal life. "its time to face what all mistakes i made in past two years and fight them and bury them in past" she told herself.
the pain the agony should vanish as time passed but never go back to that one person who had caused me so much pain, whatever happens ill never look back and go to my normal life. i  have left it back for good this is the new me now. and ill start my life all over again, she promised herself.

just checking

checking checking

Sunday, July 18, 2010

A book Lover

oh! Whats got into me ? I Dont believe myself when i sit and count how much i have spent impart month on books I have got
 Breathless in Bombay love story.
 a book on shah rukh khan 
short second life of bree tanner
last song
nights at rodanthe
and many more I guess i have really awakened the reading gene in me.

Monday, July 5, 2010


" I m going to discuss .... me sitting out"  it was easy to read his face how difficult the words were for him " im sorry" i was sorry i hated to make him do this. Not enough that i could fake a smile and tell him to go on ahead without me . Definitely not that much. "Dont apologiz" he said smiling a little bit " never be afraid to tell me how you feel bell. If this is what you need...." he shrugged " you ae my first priority. " I didnt mean it that way -- like you have to choose me over you family". " i know that besides thats not what you asked. You have me two alternatives that you could live with, and i choose the one that i could live with. Thats how compromise is supposed to work" i leaned forward and rested my forehead against his chest. "Thank you" i whispered. " anytime" he answered kissing my hair 
Twilight Saga eclispe. Stephanie meyer. 

And people ask me why do i love Twilight. Well how can a girl resist such romance and such a romantic saga. Seriously Who doesnt want edward and jacob in real life?

Monday, June 28, 2010

The Monsoon.

Aai ( I call my grandmother Aai) Please don`t send me to school today`s i wanna make paper boat and sail them in the puddles outside. this rain is so nice" I pleaded my grandmother to avoid me sending me to school. It was raining heavily since morning and I was in 2nd Std. All i wanted that day was to make paper boats and get drenched in rain. I continued convincing my grandma when at last she finally have in and allowed me to stay back. I was overjoyed i quickly took all old newspapers and made paper boats then went out to sail them in water accumulated in the compound. I played so much in rain. I even used to love shopping for the Monsoon. New rainy shoes and the bright coloured umbrellas and raincoats. Everything associated with it was so cute back then. But sadly i don see any kid enjoying all these things anymore. They don't like playing in the puddles or going out in the rain. They rather enjoy sitting back home playing on computers or watching television i am not saying that kids should always keep playing but at least don't spoil the essence of the season. Imagine the first shower and that sweet smell of earth sudden coolness after the may heat. And when you go out in a balcony with a cup of coffee in hand enjoy the rains and the you greenery on earth and cute kids playing .. That would be picture perfect.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

i just got this as an email.. found it funny so just posted it :)
  1)      BOO_S
          2)      _ _ NDOM
   3)      F_ _ K
    4)      P_N_S
    5)      PU_S_
6)      S_X


Saturday, June 5, 2010

Rajneeti Review

I saw rajneeti yesterday and the only word i have is"wow". It hadall the things an intense movie dialogues and enough drama. The one dialogue is "Karara Jawab Milega".They kept the story unpredictable and fast, even though there is only one song but there are some cliches but they are ok. The movie would have gone down the drain if it was given a bollywood tadka. The most interesting part was the naming the characters which resemble from Mahabharta. They say that it is modern mahabharta but i wont give out who is who in the movie its actually fun to do that Watchout for Nana, Ranbir, Ajay and Manoj as they deliver a natural and awesome performances.

Overall I would say that the movie is superb. It has right amount of drama, intensity and superb dialogues. Loved it.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Two of me

I never thought i`d find myself the day i found you
plans for only one of me are future plans for two

soul mates in this universe that makes the world surreal
for when i`had given up on dreams you showed me love is real

and now that all my love for you will never cease to grow
Please take me in your loving arms and never let me go

by Anne G Fegely

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Devdas and Dev D

Yesterday I watching devdas sanjay leela bhansali one. The song in the starting of the movie"sisila yeh chahat ka" got my attention.That song showed how diffcult it was to talk to someone who lives like thousand miles away. In the movie and the only way heroine gets to talk with the hero is through letters and nothing more than that. Hearing his voice is like impossible forget getting to see him and this was the condition of many love birds in olden days.

And Look at new Dev d. They are able to talk to each other everyday thorough webcam and for that matter even send naked pics. Can you see the drastic change in these two generations. I am not differentiatining or saying which one is better or anything related to it. I just thought about this while watching the movie and it amazed mme how different things are now than it was then.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010


RADIOOO MIRCHII 98.3 FM! I love the way they say this.... no I am not changing my career to RJing, though I won’t mind doing it if I get a chance. Anyway the reason I am writing this is cause I heard something very intresting on radio today morning.
Some people at CST station made the people who spit or litter clean up the trains. Like if you litter or spit they will come and handle you a bucket and a cloth ( better known in Mumbai as POCHA) and make you clean the place you just spoiled. Nice na? and I am actually so glad of it. Like this is something people should actually do.
Yeah, even I litter sometimes just out of habit but from today onwards I am making it a point to stop. I have no right to dirty the place I live in or any public property. So it my resolution now, afterall I cant tell others to stop unless I stop myself right?

Sunday, April 4, 2010


I saw LSD the other day...hmm well... nice movie or should i rather say different? obviously the direction is different and story too. i know loads of people would hate it but i guess thats just because it was a Indian movie if it would have been Hollywood flick people would have loved it. just like people loved to see bikini clad girls american pie. but when the same was kambakth ishq with  bit of Indian movie tadka people said its bullshit. don't get me wrong, i am no fan of kareena or akshay or of the whole movie altogether. but i don't even have anything against it, okay! getting back to LSD its diffrent, and i loved it. at least the Indian movie gets a refreshing touch of a new concept and not the usual love story or family drama or the normal dhishum dhishum.

the new actors are good, not all of them but some of them.

i read, "dont loose your mind, loose your weight", by rujuta diwekar.. i would say i loved it. some of the things said in it are very much do - able. and some are just not proper ( atleast for me ) but still i will try and loose some weight. tips people!!!! 

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Nicolas Sparks

i have got this new obsession of reading love stories... and the best that i found are the books by Nicolas sparks.. he is just so good at it. and i was surprised that a male author can be so good at love stories. its seriously something that makes you turn pages and look for more. till now i have completed two of his books. the notebook and the choice, now i am on dead john and trust me its very nice. and the other two books are just that good as well.. 
 i am thinking about buying a cabinet for all the books i have. i love to show off the collection i have. and i love to complete the whole series. like i have long since completed the harry potter series then i completed the twilight saga then i finished all four books written by chetan bhagat. now i am half way through the books written by nicolas sparks there as still a couple of books i have to read. and after that i  am planning on starting with the lord of the rings, thats going to take a lot of my patience. and then maybe ill start with the shopoholic series.. for some odd reason i don't feel like reading it yet. maybe i am not in that chick mood to read it. 
 this is one of those things that i am proud of that i don't have a single book in my cabinet that i haven't read.  achievement right??? 
and i have also realised that books really are a man's best friend. cause thats what i do when i have nothing else to do or nowhere to go or no one to talk. its good to have someone who is with you no matter what mood you are in or where you are or no matter what time it is.  :)
anyways, howz all you people? alll izz well???

Monday, March 15, 2010


okay, so i reallly needed to talk to someone, and as there is no one else to talk to i guess ill just blog it out. to talk about it straight away i broke up with my boyfriend. and its tough. we would have completed 2 years next month. and now i am here going through my second breakup. my previous boyfriend was a jerk. and now again this... so maybe its just me or maybe its the people i meet.

i have had enough from him now. and being with him he made me go away from all my friends and now this. its really difficult now to pass though this stage when i have no friends of my own.

boys can be so mean sometimes, i know i should not judge all the guys only because few i met were not good. but still i cant help it. its just getting on my nerve. i cant concentrate on work or anywhere its just too much for me.

he is a good guy but not for me... for him all he wants is his happiness and his pleasure and his friends and me to trail along and if i ask for something he will only deny it nothing else, and on top of that say that i dont  give him space. the point is that i hardly get time these days and when i do get some free time  i want to spend it with him and he will always have some plans for that day. but will never try and meet me.

its just irritating... but i have had enough now.. ill not go back to him. its difficult i know.. and with no friends left to talk too its going to be a disaster so maybe ill just blog it out as i get time.


Friday, March 12, 2010



I recently saw karthik calling karthik.. it was a superb movie no doubt. I was impressed by the way they had done the titling only. The movie was also very impressing. And one thing that I liked the most was that they had actually made correct research on Schizophrenia. The way they had shown self destruction was something I liked the most. And deepika’s character. A friend of mine said is there any girl who will actually do what deepika did in the end. And I was proud to say YES!
Yes, I have known two people who have this Schizophrenia thing. Yes its very scary. Actually I would rather say I have seen two extreme differences of this disease. One where the lady burnt herself to death and other where the guy under medication is living a normal life now.
What I have noticed is… you have this thing in yourself since your birth and when you go through a major shock or something this grows and it comes out.
The lady I mentioned was normal till the time she got married. It was a love marriage, but after marriage she realized that her husband is a angry man. And gets angry on small things and same was with his whole family. The shock was too much for her and she lost it.
She showed symptoms like, if you are talking to her in the middle of the conversation she will start talking to someone invisible and talk as if its really there and that person is troubling her in someway. Then after sometime she would get normal and talk to you back, her husband left her and after a few years she burnt herself alive.
The other guy I was talking about, started showing symptoms when his father accidently fell of from his balcony and died. It was too much for him. And he showed symptoms like he ran away from the house a couple of times. But medication at the right time helped him a lot and now he is leading a normal life.
When I saw the movie, after it I was haunted by these things, it was like all these things happened just yesterday. And the movie impressed me the most because of the research they had done over it. And not just used the name and made the movie of their own choice.



Okay! So first of all it feels great to write a post after so long. And now I am just going to write right from my heart and not think about anything its just RANDOM!

To start with I had gone to Bangalore just last week for like 2 days.  It was fun. I was excited about it and was looking forward for the south Indian food there. As I didn’t know any special place there so I settled for the local restaurants near my hotel and I would love to let you know that they didn’t disappoint me. I have decided that I will try and blog a little more often and I am happy that I still have follower who read and comment… that you all seriously it means a lot to me. And I love you all….

I am reading Nicolas spark’s books. I completed the notebook and the choice, and I am now on Dear John. Though I get less time I have managed to complete it and looking forward to complete all his books ASAP!

I missed the Oscars this year, and I was a little disappointed that avatar didn’t get the best movie. Hmm..actually I knew it somewhere down in my heart that it wont win… still I am sad.

Thursday, February 11, 2010


Well I am quite sure you know what’s in this weekend. Obviously how can anyone miss it??

And as February starts the so called talks about the day starts. While it’s the love season is going on here some political parties ban that day and create a issue out of it every year though the day is celebrated without any problem. Ah! Yes that reminds me the recent issue of my name is khan’s release. Does these political parties have nothing more to do other than ban movies? And make unwanted issue out of it? And the way everything under the pretext of India and Mumbai and their love for it. I wonder how come banning a movie ir banning a day show the love for the city or the country?

If they so want to show the love then they better do something for the betterment of the place like rural education or making a better infrastructure or anything like imparting knowledge on global warming. Maybe that will show that you love your country and not by banning good for nothing days and movies.

Even recently a well known politician traveled In a local train and interacted withwith normal people but what after that? Yeah! So he travelled, big deal! Lacs of people travel in loval train everyday so no big thing that he did that. It will be a big deal if he does something for the betterment of the local trains to make something to lessen the rush maybe provide more trains travelling witll help him get more votes but doing something good will make him get more love and hearts, that is what their job is, isn’t it?

Monday, February 1, 2010

i am glad that the indian cinema better known as bollywood is changing from the usuall romantic flicks to something more meaningful. And I am more glad when I get to known that the Indian audience is actually accepting the change.
I am a great fan of romantic movies but now its really time to make meaning full movies we have a whole bunch of romantic flicks to start with already. Dilwale dulhaniya le jaayenge to kaho na pyaar hai. With movies like rang de basanti, tare zameen par and 3 idiots the Indian cinema has taken a turn and I would also l8ike to mention movies like munna bhai series, chak de India and wake up sid and many more.
These movies have started showing the common man as the hero and not someone who fights with 100 bad guys single handed and not even get a single scratch on his body. This also reminds me of raj kapoor, v. shataram. The movies they made like shree 420, awaara, mera naam joker, and navrang and do aankhe baara haath. Where the common man was the hero ofcourse. They got their darlings  in the end but they always showed how the hero’s never gave up.
Movies like rang de basanti where the hero’s die in the end gavea big message to the youth and same with the other movies I mentioned above.
I once read somewhere farha khan said she made om shanti om keeping her soul intention about the movie to entertain the audience. Yes the audience was entertained and such movies once in a while are needed but not all the time.
Movies where people can relate to are always big hits.

Monday, January 18, 2010


YAY!!! Indiblogger RAnk 79/100... YAY! YA! YAAA!


hey hey people, how is all my wonderful friends out  here doing??? all iz well??? well, as you migh have noticed that i am  outta here for long time. well the reson is that i am in ahemdabad currently and will be here for one more week. i am so sorry  i am not able to read and comment on all of your posts. but i promise you all one thing that as soon as i get  home the first thing i will do it read al the posts.

till that time chill out and have fun and most of all keep BLOGGGGINNGGG!

lots of love!

Saturday, January 2, 2010

3 idiots - slumdog millionaire.

3 idiots – Slumdog millionaire

Well, I recently saw 3 idiots of course I loved the movie, it was really awesome. And I also agree that the movie was about 70% based on the book 5 point someone by chetan bhagat. I have read the book like 2 times and most of the important scenes and character are there in the movie. Obviously there is some added mirch masala, which has to be there. But with all this and chetan bhagat not getting credit in the opening credit is something really sad. People who has read his book will agree with me.

And as the rumors were before the movie released that its only 5% of the book ( then that is wrong ) and if they think that just because its 5% of the book they should not mention his name then people you are wrong.

You all must have seen slumdog millionaire. And if you have read the book its based on Q and A, you’ll realize that the main characters like latika and salim does not exist in the book. The only thing that I guess is similar in the book and the movie is the quiz show. And he intention why he participates in the quiz show is also way different then what is showed in the movie.

Well, I guess you can make out the point why I am upset with 3 idiots.

I thought of writing this post after reading 

Youth Curry - Insight on Indian Youth

Friday, January 1, 2010

Tag Tag

Hey friends,  ramit had tagged me few days back so here I am completing it.  J

The rules are as follows..

Step 1: Disclose 7 things about you which no one knows. [ I took the 100 truths TAG, and so many about me TAGs.. wonder if there is anything more I can share.. lets see..!)

Step 2: Leave a comment to notify a blogger when he/she is Tagged. (You have to tag 7 people)

So the 7 things you people don’t know about me is…

1.      I am in love with the color blue
2.    i never thought of blogging. It was my boyfriend who told me to blog. And now I am loving it.
3.    I am lazy.
4.    if things don’t work the way I want it, I loose my temper
5.    i love reading books, but only those that attract my intrest
6.    I love my laptop, internet and softwares and stuff.. no I am not that geeky but yes, I do love new gadgets and anything new. If I had like loads of cash, that’s one thing ill buy.. like all the latest cell phones and laptops and cars and bikes and everything…
7.    i love to SMS.

And now I tag 7 people…

Well.. actually will tag everyone who reads this post. J

So hey you, you are TAGGED!