Monday, January 18, 2010


YAY!!! Indiblogger RAnk 79/100... YAY! YA! YAAA!


hey hey people, how is all my wonderful friends out  here doing??? all iz well??? well, as you migh have noticed that i am  outta here for long time. well the reson is that i am in ahemdabad currently and will be here for one more week. i am so sorry  i am not able to read and comment on all of your posts. but i promise you all one thing that as soon as i get  home the first thing i will do it read al the posts.

till that time chill out and have fun and most of all keep BLOGGGGINNGGG!

lots of love!

Saturday, January 2, 2010

3 idiots - slumdog millionaire.

3 idiots – Slumdog millionaire

Well, I recently saw 3 idiots of course I loved the movie, it was really awesome. And I also agree that the movie was about 70% based on the book 5 point someone by chetan bhagat. I have read the book like 2 times and most of the important scenes and character are there in the movie. Obviously there is some added mirch masala, which has to be there. But with all this and chetan bhagat not getting credit in the opening credit is something really sad. People who has read his book will agree with me.

And as the rumors were before the movie released that its only 5% of the book ( then that is wrong ) and if they think that just because its 5% of the book they should not mention his name then people you are wrong.

You all must have seen slumdog millionaire. And if you have read the book its based on Q and A, you’ll realize that the main characters like latika and salim does not exist in the book. The only thing that I guess is similar in the book and the movie is the quiz show. And he intention why he participates in the quiz show is also way different then what is showed in the movie.

Well, I guess you can make out the point why I am upset with 3 idiots.

I thought of writing this post after reading 

Youth Curry - Insight on Indian Youth

Friday, January 1, 2010

Tag Tag

Hey friends,  ramit had tagged me few days back so here I am completing it.  J

The rules are as follows..

Step 1: Disclose 7 things about you which no one knows. [ I took the 100 truths TAG, and so many about me TAGs.. wonder if there is anything more I can share.. lets see..!)

Step 2: Leave a comment to notify a blogger when he/she is Tagged. (You have to tag 7 people)

So the 7 things you people don’t know about me is…

1.      I am in love with the color blue
2.    i never thought of blogging. It was my boyfriend who told me to blog. And now I am loving it.
3.    I am lazy.
4.    if things don’t work the way I want it, I loose my temper
5.    i love reading books, but only those that attract my intrest
6.    I love my laptop, internet and softwares and stuff.. no I am not that geeky but yes, I do love new gadgets and anything new. If I had like loads of cash, that’s one thing ill buy.. like all the latest cell phones and laptops and cars and bikes and everything…
7.    i love to SMS.

And now I tag 7 people…

Well.. actually will tag everyone who reads this post. J

So hey you, you are TAGGED!