Thursday, February 11, 2010


Well I am quite sure you know what’s in this weekend. Obviously how can anyone miss it??

And as February starts the so called talks about the day starts. While it’s the love season is going on here some political parties ban that day and create a issue out of it every year though the day is celebrated without any problem. Ah! Yes that reminds me the recent issue of my name is khan’s release. Does these political parties have nothing more to do other than ban movies? And make unwanted issue out of it? And the way everything under the pretext of India and Mumbai and their love for it. I wonder how come banning a movie ir banning a day show the love for the city or the country?

If they so want to show the love then they better do something for the betterment of the place like rural education or making a better infrastructure or anything like imparting knowledge on global warming. Maybe that will show that you love your country and not by banning good for nothing days and movies.

Even recently a well known politician traveled In a local train and interacted withwith normal people but what after that? Yeah! So he travelled, big deal! Lacs of people travel in loval train everyday so no big thing that he did that. It will be a big deal if he does something for the betterment of the local trains to make something to lessen the rush maybe provide more trains travelling witll help him get more votes but doing something good will make him get more love and hearts, that is what their job is, isn’t it?

Monday, February 1, 2010

i am glad that the indian cinema better known as bollywood is changing from the usuall romantic flicks to something more meaningful. And I am more glad when I get to known that the Indian audience is actually accepting the change.
I am a great fan of romantic movies but now its really time to make meaning full movies we have a whole bunch of romantic flicks to start with already. Dilwale dulhaniya le jaayenge to kaho na pyaar hai. With movies like rang de basanti, tare zameen par and 3 idiots the Indian cinema has taken a turn and I would also l8ike to mention movies like munna bhai series, chak de India and wake up sid and many more.
These movies have started showing the common man as the hero and not someone who fights with 100 bad guys single handed and not even get a single scratch on his body. This also reminds me of raj kapoor, v. shataram. The movies they made like shree 420, awaara, mera naam joker, and navrang and do aankhe baara haath. Where the common man was the hero ofcourse. They got their darlings  in the end but they always showed how the hero’s never gave up.
Movies like rang de basanti where the hero’s die in the end gavea big message to the youth and same with the other movies I mentioned above.
I once read somewhere farha khan said she made om shanti om keeping her soul intention about the movie to entertain the audience. Yes the audience was entertained and such movies once in a while are needed but not all the time.
Movies where people can relate to are always big hits.