Monday, February 1, 2010

i am glad that the indian cinema better known as bollywood is changing from the usuall romantic flicks to something more meaningful. And I am more glad when I get to known that the Indian audience is actually accepting the change.
I am a great fan of romantic movies but now its really time to make meaning full movies we have a whole bunch of romantic flicks to start with already. Dilwale dulhaniya le jaayenge to kaho na pyaar hai. With movies like rang de basanti, tare zameen par and 3 idiots the Indian cinema has taken a turn and I would also l8ike to mention movies like munna bhai series, chak de India and wake up sid and many more.
These movies have started showing the common man as the hero and not someone who fights with 100 bad guys single handed and not even get a single scratch on his body. This also reminds me of raj kapoor, v. shataram. The movies they made like shree 420, awaara, mera naam joker, and navrang and do aankhe baara haath. Where the common man was the hero ofcourse. They got their darlings  in the end but they always showed how the hero’s never gave up.
Movies like rang de basanti where the hero’s die in the end gavea big message to the youth and same with the other movies I mentioned above.
I once read somewhere farha khan said she made om shanti om keeping her soul intention about the movie to entertain the audience. Yes the audience was entertained and such movies once in a while are needed but not all the time.
Movies where people can relate to are always big hits.


  1. Hey I beg to differ.... Bollywood is an industry with such a huge market and still it makes only 1 or two sensible movies a year.
    And they flop too...

    Look at Marathi or Tamil..(I am neuther a Marathi or Tamil)..

    In Tamil there are crap movies but real good ones comes up frequently and they become a hit too... True skin show may be a bit more, but still...

    A heroine oriented film comes up rarely and there are really few heroines who can act...(I dont emember any after Rani)

    And world class directors like Anurag Kashyap doesnt get distributors even...

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  3. hey pooja ya i do agree wid u.3 idiots was an awesome movie.its an example how movies relate to people and ya there had been other movies in the past that too related to the masses like the munnabhai(both).
    and off the record,i am a fan of urs.i have read most of your blog posts and its u who inspired me and i have started blogging recently.

  4. Not to 4get My NAme Is Khan which was again a blockbuster, thanx to the helpful controversies it could make to stir up even people's soul towards something deserving...
    Lot more to come.

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  5. Amen to that sister! I totally agree. Raj kapoor movies had always potrayed the common man but over the year cinema as we know today changed but am so glad Indian cinema has finally recognised who the audience is. Having said that movies was always about escaping life for atleast an hour or so and we all really have to thank movie makers like Yash raj too. Tc