Friday, March 12, 2010



I recently saw karthik calling karthik.. it was a superb movie no doubt. I was impressed by the way they had done the titling only. The movie was also very impressing. And one thing that I liked the most was that they had actually made correct research on Schizophrenia. The way they had shown self destruction was something I liked the most. And deepika’s character. A friend of mine said is there any girl who will actually do what deepika did in the end. And I was proud to say YES!
Yes, I have known two people who have this Schizophrenia thing. Yes its very scary. Actually I would rather say I have seen two extreme differences of this disease. One where the lady burnt herself to death and other where the guy under medication is living a normal life now.
What I have noticed is… you have this thing in yourself since your birth and when you go through a major shock or something this grows and it comes out.
The lady I mentioned was normal till the time she got married. It was a love marriage, but after marriage she realized that her husband is a angry man. And gets angry on small things and same was with his whole family. The shock was too much for her and she lost it.
She showed symptoms like, if you are talking to her in the middle of the conversation she will start talking to someone invisible and talk as if its really there and that person is troubling her in someway. Then after sometime she would get normal and talk to you back, her husband left her and after a few years she burnt herself alive.
The other guy I was talking about, started showing symptoms when his father accidently fell of from his balcony and died. It was too much for him. And he showed symptoms like he ran away from the house a couple of times. But medication at the right time helped him a lot and now he is leading a normal life.
When I saw the movie, after it I was haunted by these things, it was like all these things happened just yesterday. And the movie impressed me the most because of the research they had done over it. And not just used the name and made the movie of their own choice.


  1. Hey Pooja,

    If I am not mistaken, in the end of the film Farhan is detected with Multiple Personality Disorder (MPD) and not Schizophrenia?

  2. hey first time on your blog and really liked the posts....
    at this one..i too likedthe movie..but sad ending..songs were awesome.....
    do isit at my place to =

  3. Hey to be frank yours is the first total positive review i read about the movie

  4. totally agree with you. i loved the movie mainly cuz they treated the subject nicely.. and the direction was so good. and of course farhan acted naturally. he didnt seem like he was acting at all!

    sad case of the woman who burnt herself alive.. really sad...